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This video comes from the DVD with the book For Love of Dogs, which offers additional dog training tips.
As part of an ongoing series, dog trainer Mikkel Becker teaches you how to address common behavior problems at the dog park.
Dogs use body language, such as lip snarls, to settle conflict without resorting to physical force. These types of growls are very different from a dog who growls to tell you to back off his space, his food, his toy. Leadership role is vital to the relationship between you and your dog and critical if you have children in the house. Hi we just got a new 2 year old Jindo and our existing dog that we have Cavalier King, growls at her when she comes close to him.
Aggression Towards DogsFor barking, lunging, growling, or otherwise inappropriate behavior toward dogs, while on or off leash. Aggression Towards PeopleFor barking, lunging, growling, or otherwise inappropriate behavior toward strangers, house guests, or family members.

If you dog has ascended the ladder of entitlement to the point of thinking he is the head of the house, YOU belong to him and so does everything else in the house, then your leadership role is sorely lacking or probably non-existent. It simply means that dogs, like children, need to have a clear understanding of who is running the show and that must be you.
Using scientifically sound, gentle, force-free training methods, I systematically help your dog change her world view. This wonderful team of advanced clients and their dogs meet to work together under my continued supervision. As laid back as a dog can be, Sporty helps teach other dogs that making new dog friends can actually be kind of cool.
Problems often arise when we hinder our canines' communication by punishing them for perfectly normal dog behavior, like using warning signals to get other dogs to back off.
Some dogs that tend to be rather vocal, will growl when they need to go outside, or they may have a gutteral growl when they are trying to tell you they are hungry. Dogs who grew up without adequate exposure to a wide variety of dogs and people and experiences while they were puppies are prime candidates to develop fear-based aggressive behaviors as adult dogs, as they lack the ability to easily integrate new things into their world.

I help dogs learn to function calmly around other dogs and people in Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Campbell, Willow Glen, Redwood City, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, West San Jose, Lots Gatos, Saratoga, and Los Altos.
In the same manner, your pooch is using her body language to communicate to other dogs that she needs her space, without using physical force. These signals can come from perfectly well-socialized dogs, and are their way of saying that they need space. It’s also important to know that a growl can have different meanings in different contexts.

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