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Walking down the aisle at the animal shelter looking for a potential Search And Rescue Dog. Toss a toy and get the dog to play.  What you want to see is a dog that dogs harder on that toy and gets more excited. Tie your dog to a post while another person leads a dog by.  Dog shows interest, but no aggression.
What we are looking for: The dog is startled, but quickly recovers and shows curiosity and interest. Dog with a sincere interest in a variety of dog toys.  Ideally one that is interested in a variety of toys.
These tests put a science to the program, but there is also a fair amount of art to finding a good search and rescue dog. After watching the video on how to find candidates for search and rescue dogs I thought about Derby and whether or not he went through the same tests that the dogs did in the video. Training the dog is one thing, but, as you may know from dog training experiences, it’s more about training the person. Bloodhounds, Newfoundlands, Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Australian Shepherds, Rottweilers and mixed breeds make great SAR Dogs. When looking for a lost person I follow the scent of any human, not just a particular person. Trailing Dogs need to smell something belonging to that person, like a shirt, socks or a hat.
On this mission, Uffda is at the front of the boat, leans closer and closer to the water and then slaps and bites at the surface when a person underwater is found. The SAR Team searches tornado damaged areas for those who lost their lives in the disaster. We HRD Dogs can find very small parts or trace amounts of blood We work above or below ground.
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The Jefferson County Search Dog Association is a volunteer organization whose purpose is to provide qualified search and rescue dogs and handlers to assist requesting agencies in searching for individuals who are lost, victims of flash floods, tornados, earthquakes and other natural disasters. If the dogs even had mild dysplasia then they would get dropped.  This is mainly due to the fact that the every day pounding and exercise would exasperate the problem. Carda (California Rescue Dog Association) is a 100% volunteer non-profit, volunteer organization. That means we have to be obedient at all times and must get along with other dogs, handlers and people we meet like in the picture - Uffda is making a new friend. As you can see in the pictures, SAR Dogs learn skills like climbing uneven surfaces, balancing, not being afraid of high places, following our handler's directions through obstacles and learning how to be carried in case we get injured on a search.
Bob - he's my owner and handler - and I spent a lot of time training together, even at home. We need to be able to climb stairs and ladders, be comfortable in the water and be able to walk around in the woods. Other breeds like Border Collies, Boxers, Corgis, Dobermans, Golden Retrievers, Labradoodles (that's a Labrador and a Poddle mix), Malinois, Schnauzers, Tervuren, Australian Cattle Dogs and even Poodles can do great work, too!
I've got lots of spirit and energy to do my job and that's really important, but just like my handler Bob, I also have to be calm in stressful and changing situations. That's why Air Scent Dogs work best in large parks or private lands that are closed off and have no other people around. Handler Paul is alerted as Uffda gives her "found" signal, which is slapping and biting at the water. We don't have any of these dogs in Kentucky, but in areas where skiing is a big sport, these dogs are important.
It is the largest Search and Rescue organization in California, with close to 100 mission ready teams.
We never know where we will have to go during a search, so we have to be prepared for any challenge.
Lots of people think we sniff the ground to find people, but we actually smell the air for a human scent.

The best times and conditions for our searches are early mornings or late afternoons on cool, cloudy days when there is a light wind. Looking for drowning victims, Water Search Dogs work along the shore and in boats to locate the scent as it rises through the water. HRD Dogs and their handlers worked long hours searching for victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana. Sometimes it can take almost two years of training before we can join in a search and rescue. Most of all, I learned to search properly using my nose and how to alert my handler when I picked up a scent. Each member is responsible for certifying and training their own dog, with the help of sponsors and information that Carda and OES (Outdoor Emergency Services) makes possible.
Families want to know what happened to their loved ones and the skills of these dogs can help find them. HRD Dogs are trained to detect the body's scent rising from the soil, the same way dogs find where they buried a bone.
The requirements are challenging, ranging from being an expert in reading topo maps and navigating through the wilderness, to becoming a First Responder.
It’s a huge life commitment, training 3 times per week in the wilderness, and with Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. When a dog and the handler follow their training and always do the right things, they can be good enough to be trusted going on a real mission.

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