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One of the proudest moments I’ve had with my dog was getting her to stop mid run and come back to me while she was chasing a rabbit. Your dogs recall is arguably the most important command you can teach, but it can also be one of the hardest commands to get reliably. No matter how well you think your dog is trained certain situations are going to come up where it’s much safer to just keep them on a leash. As stated above getting your dog enthusiastic about coming back to you can make recall much easier to teach.
If your dog was in the middle of doing something fun before you had him come to you give him his reward and then allow them to go back to what they were doing. Puppies love to follow moving objects so teaching them to come to you while you’re running around can be accomplished quite easily.
I personally haven’t had any experience with ant Spitz type breeds when it comes to training.

It wasn’t easy, and there were frustrations but seeing your dog stop mid run and come right back to you enthusiastically made it all worth it. If I were that dog I’d much rather sniff that tree or roll in something smelly than come back to my angry, yelling owner.
The more you actively play with your dog and engage them the more attentive they’ll be when it comes to training. You know your dog best – when they make the right choice and come to you make it worth their while with a high value treat or game. Puppy in the middle is one of our favorite recall games; you and a partner practice calling your dog back and forth.
They’re learning by example and following around other members of the family comes naturally to them.
If you can lay the foundation of a great recall with a young puppy it will be tremendously helpful for when they reach their rebellious teenage phase.

Frustration and yelling seems to come so naturally to us when our dog doesn’t listen. Your dogs recall command is challenging to teach, the stakes are high, so the reinforcement needs to be exciting.
Success comes in small steps and your dog needs to be trained in many different situations before you can expect them to come to you in a highly stimulating environment.

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