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In most cases, coprophagia is NOT a sign that your dog has a disease that you should be worried about, but in other cases it can be a sign of an underlying issue. Your veterinarian will run medical tests to determine if your dog is suffering from any of the diseases or medical conditions that cause some dogs to eat poop.
It’s important to make sure your dog never ingests the feces of dogs that are strangers. The surest way to avoid your dog eating poop is the watch your dog when she is outside and clean up after her every time she goes #2.
Many experts believe that the products on the market that claim to discourage your dog from eating poop don’t actually work. This entry was posted in Dog Tips, Dog Training, Pet Health, Pet Industry News, Uncategorized. Step 1 if your dog is eating poop is to take her to the vet for tests to make sure she is healthy. Our dog Jem will follow Zoey or other dogs around the yard waiting for them to go potty so she can get her stinky snack at it’s freshest.

You don’t know if these other dogs are receiving the vaccinations and preventative care that is required to prevent the spread of diseases. This isn’t always realistic for everyone to find the time and means to clean up after your dog every time. There are liquids and powders to add to your dog’s food that claim to make the poop taste bad to the dog and keep him from eating it. We want to correct our dogs’ bad behavior, never punish them in a nonconstructive way.
I have friends that will put yogurt in their dog’s food for all kinds of reasons, and they love it!
You’ll have to give your dog a correction every time he tries to eat the poop consistently for a few weeks until he avoids the poop completely.
If your dog is eating poop, never resort to rubbing her face in it to get her to stop.
Communicate with your dog in a way that she will understand the cause and effect of her behavior.

They may be unable to digest the nutrients the first go-around and eat the partially-digested particles in the poop to meet their nutritional needs. Some people have successfully discouraged their dog from eating poop by adding certain human foods to the dog’s food.
Physical punishment is not understood by your dog and will only lead to aggression, fear, and acting out.
I’m really glad it helped your dog quit her poo-habit I’ll definitely try this! Pineapple or foods with sulfur such as brussels sprouts or cabbage will discourage the dog from eating his poop.

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