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If the sound of a doorbell or a knock turns your dog into a barking, jumping maniac, try these dog training tips to regain control.
Dogs associate exciting things happening with the sound of a doorbell or knock, which is why they go a bit crazy. I had one client complain that my explanation did not make sense, as they just moved into the area. High-value, soft treats in tiny portions, such as bits of string cheese, hot dog, rotisserie chicken, etc.

The biggest question I get during this process is what to do while you are still training your dog.
Once, when I rang the bell at a client’s house for the very first time, the dogs were going crazy barking and jumping all over the door and windows. Up to several times a day, when I ring the bell or knock on the door, utter chaos ensues with dogs going crazy. Find a spot where your dog can clearly see who is at the door, but far enough away for you to be able to open the door and allow someone to enter without your dog being right on top of them.

After a couple of weeks, I returned to the home and when I rang the bell, I did not hear a peep. Dogs are great at making quick associations; so, every time the bell rings or they hear a knock, it means someone is coming to visit them.

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