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Because so much of her digging seemed to come directly from what her nose picks up that she thinks needs to be investigated, I made sure I was on hand with a handy doggie repellant spray when she was out in the yard. If she smells something really interesting, she occasionally attempts to dig in the yard, but all I have to do is tell her to go to her place and she’ll take off at top speed to “get it.” Sometimes it is a root, sometimes it’s a hidden treat, and sometimes she just digs for the joy of digging. Popular Labelsdog behavior (269) canine health (119) responsible pet ownership (109) dog training (103) dog breeds (91) dogs (86) love (68) animal shelters (60) pet food (60) cats (58) fun and games (46) AKC (39) training (39) dog food (35) body language of dogs (35) veterinary care (31) TidNips (30) Felidae cat food (30) basic commands (24) allergies (23) Snap-Bits (22) Special Achievers (19) behavior problems (17) service dogs (17) dog grooming (15) therapy animals (13) dog treat (12) pet travel (12) grain free (11)ethosWe are proud to share with you our advanced research and development center and manufacturing facility in Brownwood, Texas. To a cat, the soil around a potted plant looks like kitty litter, which is why cats tend to dig in the pots.
1Hang indoor potted plants from the ceiling with plant hooks to keep them out of reach of cats.
2Cover potted plants that cannot be hung with bird netting and use the bottom of the pot to hold down the edges of the netting.
3Surround the potted plant on a tabletop or plant stand with a double-row of stacked plastic cups.
1Sprinkle a single layer of finely chopped orange peels over the soil on the potted plant because cats dislike the smell of citrus oil from the peels. 2Cover the soil of the potted plants with 2 to 3 inches of wood bark mulch, which has a thick texture that is uncomfortable for cats to dig into.
3Insert wooden skewers into the potted plant's soil 3 inches apart, which is enough so a cat cannot squeeze between the skewers. Puppies dig, middle aged dogs dig, and even old dogs dig if they’ve never been taught not to. As soon as I saw her make her first “pounce” and begin the frantic digging, I would run over and tell her no, pull her back and spray the area.
Boredom and loneliness typically drive destructive behaviors, especially when dogs are left alone in the yard for long periods of time. Use tough, ornamental grasses or sturdy shrubs around the edges of your planting areas, and put tender annuals toward the interior of the areas.

How you protect them will depend on where you keep your potted plants and the size of the pots. Drill a hole slightly smaller than the threaded end of a plant hanger hook into a ceiling joist. She draws upon experiences and knowledge gained from teaching all high-school subjects for seven years. This comes in handy if your dog is an Avalanche Rescue Dog – like the CANIDAE-sponsored Scout, who works at Colorado’s Copper Mountain Ski Resort – but if his digging place is your flowerbed or the center of your lawn you may not appreciate it quite as much. A brisk morning walk will help your dog burn off excess energy, making it less likely to engage in unwanted behaviors. Physical barriers to the soil and discouraging the cat by making it uncomfortable to dig in the soil are both effective ways to keep your potted plants safe from feline diggers. The plants, sometimes expensive, would be lying beside the pots with roots having been exposed to hot sun all day. Unless you catch your pet in the act of destroying a plant, it won’t understand why it is scolded. Frequent play activities such as fetch and tug-of-war can soothe your dog’s need for attention and socialization.
Attract your cat by surrounding the designated play area with plants your cat will enjoy nibbling and sniffing, such as catnip (Nepeta cataria), which is hardy in U.S.
Department of Agriculture zones 5b through 9, sometimes discourages pets, but avoid plants with dangerous spines. Instead of trying to change her and make her stop digging, these days I just make sure she has an area to call her own where she can dig without messing up my flowerbeds or the lawn. Because dogs are drawn to soft, recently turned earth, surround newly planted shrubs and trees with chicken wire until the plants become established. In the picture, the pot on the right shows what I've had to resort to in order to keep the squirrels at bay, mounding the pots high with small rocks.

We have had dogs in the past that we just could not get to stop digging holes all over the yard. Fortunately, you can use a number of strategies to help pets and yard plants live together peacefully. Bring the free ends of the ropes together and tie them into a knot to hang your plant from the hook. Cats sometimes use soft garden soil as a litter box, digging up seedlings and tender plants in the process.
My mom said, because we have them on hand to stake some disposable red plates just around the line of the seeds when I plant them until they sprout.
Any suggestions will help, because of course I want to plant more, but not for the squirrel to eat. I love to grow flowers in planters on the stoop, but the squirrels uproot the flowers and I find them lying dead next to the planters. I bought tall planters which stopped them for a while, and now they've figured how to get into those and dig and kick the dirt all over the balcony.
We've used coffee grounds at the base of our plants and had scarcely a critter eat our tomatoes in the past two years. I know how frustrating it is to walk up to your plants and see a big, juicy ripe tomato, turn it over and find a perfectly symmetrical bite mark in it.

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