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Being able to differentiate between play and aggression is essential to keeping your hands safe around a dog's mouth.
Once you are sure that your dog's health is good and her behavior is play related, you can begin taking steps to decrease the mouthing. If her body and face look rigid and tense, she's growling or showing her teeth, the hair on her back is standing up or if the biting is fast and intense, her behavior may be motivated by aggression rather than play. You are looking for an alternative behavior that your dog can be rewarded for performing in place of the mouthing.

I know she's just playing, but it can hurt, and the more I try and get her to stop the more she does it because she thinks it's a game.
As an added bonus, this training may also decrease the amount of pressure your dog would use should she ever feel threatened enough to bite in a different context.
For instance, if your canine mouths when greeting, find another activity she can engage in, such as playing with a toy like the Chase-It, a stuffed animal on the end of a fishing pole-like handle, which can help direct her energy toward a more appropriate outlet. Although puppies are most likely to exhibit mouthy behavior, mouthing can continue into adulthood.

When choosing a game to use as a replacement activity, choose one with less contact to the skin, such as fetch or the Chase-It, rather than wrestling with your hands. Isolating the time and place your pooch is most likely to mouth will help focus your training energies to times when your pet is most likely to exhibit this behavior and will allow you to find an alternative behavior to substitute for the biting.

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