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Plenty of dog owners observe this common behavior and wonder if there's reason for concern. Dog chewing is one of those persistent problems that many dog owners tolerate on a daily basis. There are a couple different types of dog chew deterrents available: taste deterrents such as Earth Friendly Products Pet Training Aid and dog area repellents such as SHOO! Chewing is a destructive behaviour that is not always caused by a dog’s need to chew.
While muzzles might seem like a good solution to problem chewing, they should only ever be used temporarily. Treat balls or toy treat dispensers, such as Dog Games puzzle toys, are fun for all dogs and can keep your pet interested for a while.

Interactive dog toys are designed to keep your dog busy while you are unable to play with them.
In some cases, pups will gently but insistently lick one or both paws, while other canines will go so far as to chew their toes.
To provide your pup with teething relief, try soaking a canvas toy in beef or chicken broth and freezing it. Often pet owners need to try many different types and textures of chew toys to find one their dog really likes.
Natural dog chews provide real meat flavour, good resistance, and are much cheaper than most new shoes.
Pets will chew their paws if they have severe dry skin, food or environmental allergies, pain caused by a thorn or cut, or if they are bored or stressed.

Help your dog and improve your home life by following these tips on how to stop a dog from chewing.
If you don’t provide your dog with something desirable to chew, he will find something.
Comfort Zone Diffuser with DAP contains a dog-appeasing pheromone that can calm your stressed pup.

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