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The Yorkshire terrier -- or Yorkie -- is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States because of its loyal, lively disposition.
It can take up to six months to fully house-train a Yorkie, though you may see progress within a week or two.
The two most important aspect of training a Yorkie is to train it to control excessive barking and toilet training.
Hi my name is Kayla I have a Yorkie that is about 3 years old.he likes to pee everywhere in the house!! Kayla, I own 9 months Yorkie and he got house broken in first 2 weeks when I brought him home.

I am a new mommy to a 7week old yorkie name Mason I must say I am so proud of my baby… he is putting up the potty training on the puppy pad quickly now he goes by his self the key to this is be consisted with your baby, know that at times they are gonna make mistakes but the key is consists and relax and stay¬†calm. Yorkies are prone to suffer from separation anxiety, which can increase their likelihood of having accidents in the house. Start with crate training once you release your baby from the crate take you baby directly to the pad continue this until your baby pick it up and know where to go a relieve. I want to say that this article is awesome, nice written and include good tips about training Yorkies. Puppies can usually tolerate two to three hours in a crate, while adult dogs can stay in a crate for six to eight hours.

This is why it is important to initialize the socializing training in Yorkshire Terriers at the early stage of their life. With proper training, they have the potential to becoming an indispensable member of the household. Yorke’s have small bladder and they need to go outside frequently so minimum is 2h in the house 10 minutes outside, when they are older its more manageable.

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