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Welcoming a puppy into your home can be one of the most fulfilling, happy and heart warming experiences for you and your family. For more information on puppy house breaking training or to setup a dog walking routine that includes house breaking training please contact us to setup a consultation. Developing a house breaking schedule is another important part of creating your Treatment Plan. As a general rule when housebreaking puppies, your dog can stay inside a closed crate for approximately the same number of hours the puppy is in months.
Bocce's Bakery is an all natural, preservative and chemical free biscuits, in delectable flavors, all doggies are sure to love. Hollywood Pads solves the problem of unsightly pee pads by offering pads that are individually shaped and printed to resemble a dog’s PAW or a BONE .
The best part is…Dogs use our Hollywood Pads more than once – Saving you Money!
I made a 6' x 4' frame with 2x4's and put a deck on top with astroturf, then on the bottom I glued 6 buckets on it. We have a houseboat and I bought a Pup Head and we just love it, as we have a chihuahua and she uses it just like the outside, it's the best thing. If you are thinking about getting a puppy, we encourage you to consider adopting one at your local shelter or a pure breed rescue.
Crate training your puppy is one of the most effective tools in your trainers kit for house breaking training. When starting your on-leash basic obedience training we suggest a body harness like the one manufactured by Easy Walk. In high traffic areas play it safe and pick up a standard 4 to 6 foot standard training leash. Positive reinforcement training is just as it sounds; reinforcing your puppy with something of high value when she performs a requested behavior. However, in our experience, the more diligent you are as an owner keeping a consistent schedule the more likely you will be in achieving your house breaking training goals.
Our potty pads surpass most of the training pads on the market in both Quality and Cuteness! I was curious if any of the fellow readers have tried this portable dog potty called Pup-Head. I'm not real eco-conscious here where I'm at, it's considered fish food.So when my dog goes on it, I flip it over and spin it to wash it then flip it back.
Most eco-friendly way to get ride of poops.The company is called Flush Doggy, and they have flushable dog poop bags.

Considering how much it can take a human to adjust to life in the big city, it’s no surprise that dogs need help acclimating too. Monitor your puppy’s meals, pees, poops, naps and playtime using a housebreaking chart to track your furry child’s progress.
A puppy should have at least six opportunities to drink water from the morning up until three hours before the last walk in the evening. The size of the crate should be approximately 1.5x the length of the dog, excluding the tail.
It’s not uncommon for puppies or newly adopted dogs to be overwhelmed or anxious outside since it’s a new environment. Whenever your puppy eliminates in an approved location, say a wee-wee pad or outside your home on a walk, be sure to reinforce this behavior with a high value treat and praise.
During housebreaking training, your puppy should always be supervised or confined to a smaller gated area when outside the crate. Here are a couple tips to save you money and time when it comes to basic obedience and house breaking training your puppy.
When selecting a crate for your puppy it’s important to take into account the size of the crate.
The snug fit around the puppy’s body sends a gentle signal when you are working on positive reinforcement training.
Standard leashes that do NOT retract are the gold standard when it comes to teaching your dog on-leash obedience.
Don’t forget that the act of consuming water or food stimulates elimination so when devising your Treatment Plan you have to take this into account with your schedule.
Contact us if your interested in receiving a copy of our puppy house breaking training chart.
It looks like an interesting concept and would not force me to fire up the dinghy and take the dog to shore in the middle of the night when I know all he wants to do is dink around on shore : )It's not a cheap item so if anyone has used one and their dog adjusted to it, or if someone has a better method, I would love to hear the comments.
We stayed nearby until they did their business and had a treat handy.Naturally the dogs would sniff it a first and eventually they did a pee on it, and this is where praise and a good dog treat did some positive reinforcement training.
Although she is potty trained to go on a special perch she does get messy with her food and tends to throw seeds and whatever she is eating around the carpet near her cage. The best answer probably because dog poop can get treated just as your poop is.FlushDoggy, is a fully biodegradable, flush-able (water soluble) dog waste bag that is very eco-friendly. It’s even more understandable since dogs don’t know what these big, rumbling masses, whizzing boards, and vibrating tools even are.
Pooch Pals recommends an adjustable crate with a partition that can be adjusted as your dog grows in size.

Consider purchasing a bright colored leash and tether your puppy to a stationary object or hook the leash to your belt loop. Too big and your puppy’s house breaking training may progress slower since accidents are more likely to occur in one corner of the crate. It also allows you to get greater control of your puppy without the discomfort of tugging on her neck. In our 12 years of experience, we’ve found Wellness Treats or Natural Balance to be two great high value products we use during our reinforcement training puppy walks.
So here are some of tips you can use to set up to potty train your puppy:-• Understand that puppies needs to go to the bathroom a lot as a young puppy has a very small bladder, and they haven't yet cultured the talent to control it. Dog doodies are best to be flushed down the toilet and degrade naturally, just as our own doodies.
In our first installment, we’ll share how to understand just what makes your dog nervous.
The placement of the crate should be in a quiet space away from outside stimuli with a blanket or towel draped over it.
Go ahead click the book and sign-up, it's free and filled with great articles, tips, information and website updates. And your puppy will start following all your potty training instructions.• Uphold a stringent schedule when you take your puppy out to go potty. This product breaks down the urine on a molecular level and completely wipes out the scent which is imperative for your puppy’s house breaking training success. This is what a dog does to relieve tension when he’s scared, confused or simply processing new stimuli. With your awareness of your puppy's peeing preferences, foresee when she'll want to urine and bring her to the puppy bathroom.• Never forget to encourage your puppy every time she pees in the right spot.
Your puppy now has an emotional ingenious to do her job in the right place.Just a Pet Lovers thoughts. The pads have been a back saver for my wife and keep the carpet much cleaner as we don't walk on birdseed or french fries. Some common triggers for dogs are trucks, skateboards, construction, loud people or children, changes in weather, luggage, or even other dogs.

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