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Dogs love to chew on bones, shoes, sticks and unfortunately for some owners, even on furniture. Wood seems to be a chewing favorite as it is the right texture to allow your dog’s teeth to sink in and scrape off some small fragments or even take out a heartier chunk.
Fortunately there are various approaches that can help reduce and hopefully put an end to this annoying dog chewing behavior. It may be helpful to fully understand why dogs chew in the first place to better assess the situation.
An owner should also consider that in nature and in the wild, chewing is a normal canine hobby. For mild chewing cases such as puppies tetthing or adult dogs that simply need that extra stimulation, the below tips can prove to be very helpful.
A pharmacist in 1960 invented this famous product that should deter dogs from chewing up their itchy skin or any other surface. Only by finding the main underlying cause of your dog’s chewing behavior wil cause you to be able to solve the chewing issue properly.
Chewing can be an annoying habit to get rid of, after all teeth are created for the main purpose of chewing.
Hopefully some or a mix of the above remedies will help your dog stop chewing on your favorite furniture. Stop dog itching pinterest dog itching, itchy dog , Discover thousands images stop dog itching pinterest, visual bookmarking tool helps discover save creative ideas. Stop dog' counter surfing, food stealing & thieving, Discover dog steals, thieves counter surfs food household items. It's not unusual for a dog to bite or gnaw at her forepaws from time to time, but there's a point at which it can be harmful.

If an allergy is the suspected cause of your dog chewing herself, there are a few different ways you can help alleviate the discomfort she is feeling and effectively stop the chewing. No one likes the thought of their darling pup having fleas, but those annoying parasites can be the cause of a dog chewing, licking and scratching to the point of hair loss and bleeding. If your dog is bored, she might resort to chewing on her feet or other area of her body just out of needing something to do. While we may overlook and turn a blind eye on some of these chewing favorites we cannot afford our canine friends to gnaw on our expensive maple dinner table or our precious ebony computer desk. Of course, puppies chew because they are teething and chewing helps them sooth the pain effectively, however, puppies chew also because just as human toddlers that is simply the way they explore the world.
Sometimes dental issues may cause dogs to seek items to chew on providing relief to the gums, however more often than not chewing has a psychological base. Some dogs suffer from separation anxiety and once left alone at home will resort to chewing half a house apart.
It works because it is a positive way to handle the issue, and dogs seem to learn better this way. I have used it several times and have spared my dogs from eating various potentially dangerous objects. It is the strong bitter flavor that will discourage your dog from chewing your precious furniture. Whether your dog is chewing her feet or nipping at a spot on her haunches, there is an underlying reason why she's doing it.
You'll find plenty of flea remedies at pet supply stores and your vet's office, but there are also a good number of ways you can deal with the tiny creatures at home. Making sure she is mentally stimulated will keep her busy enough to stop her chewing habit.

It is a serious problem, but if you recognize it and take steps to deal with it, your dog will lead a happy life without resorting to chewing for relief of anxiety. Try to stay away from rawhide bones that may cause choking and even intestinal obstructions.
The psychological causes may need addressed by a behaviorist if the above remedies do not seem to work. Assorted dog foods on the market are formulated for dogs with allergies, so switching your dog's food may do the trick. Having plenty of stimulating toys available -- specifically ones that involve chewing -- helps to discourage chewing by encouraging a positive alternate activity.
Stay away as well from squeaky toys as many dogs have gone through the toy and ingested the squeaker requiring major surgery.
Curiosly though, it appears that some dogs are not bothered by the flavor and some have been reported to even like it!
For instance, if you tell an anxious dog to stop chewing furniture it may start chewing it’s own paws or chasing its tail instead.
Interact with her as much as possible when you are home, giving her ample exercise and consider enrolling in a training course for dogs and their owners. If it is possible, consider getting a second pet -- dog or cat -- to keep her from feeling lonely and give her an entity to interact with while you are away from home. If it takes longer than 5 seconds your dog may no longer know what he did wrong and will not be able to associate the correction with the wood chewing.

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