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In August 2013, DogTime reported on a multi-state dogfighting ring that was raided by federal and local authorities, the ASPCA, and the HSUS after a three-year investigation.
But more important, approximately 367 dogs — most of them Pit Bull Terriers — were recovered from the four-state operation.
On Wednesday, eight of the people who played key roles in the dog-fighting operation, and related illegal activities, were sentenced. Following each sentence, each of the eight defendants will serve a 3-year term of supervised release; during this time, it will be illegal for any of them to own a dog. Abbott Millard, a canid researcher with the Dog Origins Project, has performed the 3-D imaging research, which included 130 pit bull skulls. Otto Klinger, lead geneticist at the Dog Origins Project, compared DNA from 20 pit bulls, 15 boxers, 4 dingoes, 6 wolves from 4 different regions in the Old World, 12 coyotes, and 3 golden jackals.
With this new definitive DNA research on pit bulls, breed specific legislation will now be much easier to enforce, and the Dog Origin Project plans on donating its findings to law enforcement to develop a definitive pit bull genetic test. This dog is Jock of the Bushveldt, not to be confused with Jock of the Bushveld, which is a novel by Sir Percy Fitzpatrick that details the life of a bull terrier type dog in the South African bush. The second correct answer is that he was a Staffordshire bull terrier, for dogs derived from him became part of the Staffordshire bull terrier breed. They are really reflections of what people were thinking about each other than the actually dogs themselves.
I have not seen any studies on the health of these Atomic-type dogs, but my guess is they are being predisposed to certain growth-related health problems, like OCD . It’s also very likely that these dogs are being given growth supplements to build these Schwarzenegger bodies, and in Atomic Dog magazine, these hormones are advertised.
There is nothing in the bull and terrier’s history that would require the breeding of such beefy dogs.

After all, the enthusiasts who breed this sort of dog aren’t operating even within the framework of established kennel clubs. The best history on bulldogs traces them to the dogs of the Alani, but even that information is a subject to debate.
The truth is this sort of dog appeared in northern Europe and the British Isles during the Middle Ages, and over time diversified into a wide variety of breeds.
But if dog breeds didn’t originate in Ancient Egypt, then they obviously came from Ancient Rome! This is a silly argument– on the level of trying to split apart all the different dogs we call Jack Russell.
There’s already too much stupid splitting among dog strains that I refuse to indulge it any more.
A major dogfighting operation in Calhoun County is coming to light, following the death of 87-year-old Edward Barrera. The Humane Society of the United States says it has been working closely with the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department in the investigation and arrest of an alleged dog-fighter. Calhoun Chief Deputy Carl Ballengee says 30-year-old Dwayne Smith, a neighbor of Barerra’s, was arrested and charged Tuesday for his alleged involvement in the dogfighting operation.
This is the first dogfighting arrest in West Virginia since the state statute was changed in 2003 to list dogfighting as a felony offense. The HSUS, along with Jo Staats from West Virginia Pit Bull Haven, found many of the dogs had scarring consistent with fighting. Other evidence of dogfighting such as conditioning equipment, a trailer converted into a dogfighting pit, blood spatter on the walls and blood on the carpet were also found on the property. I wonder what the investigation will reveal, besides the hundreds of buried dogs on the property.

As a result of the raid, law-enforcement officers discovered dog-fighting and training equipment, narcotics, illegal firearms, and more than half a million dollars in cash.
District Judge Keith Watkins repeated how federal sentencing guidelines for dog fighting are far from adequate in proportion to the horrible nature of the crime. Further analysis involving SNP technology revealed that the average of 24.6 percent ancestry that is from a canid that is neither wolf nor domestic dog.
These results were quite shocking because Borophagus has been classified with an extinct group of canids that were thought not be related to modern dogs at all,” said Millard. Pit bulls were found to be mostly domestic dog in origin, but a large sample of their genetic material didn’t match any extant canid.
If you have to give a dog growth hormones to produce the type you want, then there are definite ethical questions that must be answered. Even though he helped write the standard for the smooth fox terrier, he never showed his own dogs.
Watkins estimated as many as 640 dogs sustained injuries or died as a result of the illegal operation.
Similar research has been used to disprove East Asian origins for the domestic dog and raised real questions about the taxonomic status of the red wolf.

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