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Colorful 10mm Rhinestone Dog Pet Cat Customized Dog Collar Charms Personalized name DIY slider Bone Foot dog crown heart.. Our first priority is putting the durability, longevity, and serviceability; and then the beauty of our products because you have to rely and trust your dog's security. We bring back old fashioned craftmanship and stunning quality for your dog with a genuine hand finished brass slip chain. Here's another outstanding product from the SupaTuff®range of dog training equipment and accessories.

If you need a strong dog leash that will last for years to come - you cannot go past the SupaTuff® Heavy Duty Dog Leash. Our expertise and experience with large strong dogs has helped us produce what are arguably some of the strongest products around. It is the ultimate general purpose dog leash, made from high quality ASAT material that is colourfast and can take any weather conditions wet,dry and in between.
PU "leather" This is a composite material and we only use quality bridle leather and soft leather for the inside lining for your dogs comfort.

This heavy duty dog lead  is boxed stitched and re-enforced at both the handle and head-latch.
We've also built in a leather padded handle for comfort and grip and a very Heavy Duty Solid Brass Head Snap.

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