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Despite the national prevalence of hearing loss, many do not have awareness as to how widespread hearing difficulties are.
It takes the average person 5–7 years to seek professional diagnosis for a hearing difficulty. We emphasize the importance of good dental and vision health yet ignore our crucial sense of hearing. Starkey Hearing Technologies is the only privately held, American-owned company in the hearing industry. As the noise levels around us rise, the cochlea produces a hormone called ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), which binds to a receptor in the inner ear and works to reduce our hearing sensitivity. For those of us who find ourselves affected by hearing impairment, and the threat of hearing loss, hearing aid technology has also advanced greatly in recent years.

Below are some quick facts about hearing loss in the United States and how it impacts the way we live.
Getting in the habit of receiving annual hearing evaluations can help you maintain better hearing, learn better hearing techniques, and set a positive example for those close to you. This explains why so many of us experience temporary (reversible) hearing loss or hearing impairment for a few hours after a night of loud music or a stadium full of cheering fans. Luckily, the technology behind hearing protection has grown in leaps and bounds, giving us products that work for a wide range of situations and sensitivity levels. Evidence suggests that many people affected by hearing impairment may be a) unaware of the problem, or b) unaware of the quality and diversity products available. Studies revealed that the cochlea – the spiral shaped cavity in the inner ear that contains the sensory organ for hearing – has adapted to protect itself against damage in high volume situations.

This highlights a great need for education about hearing loss and impairment – and it’s up to us as ear care professionals to make sure the public is informed about ears and hearing health, as wells as how to prevent, or cope with, the issue of hearing loss. With so many affordable hearing preservation products available, there’s really no excuse for us to expose ourselves to hearing damage that could easily be avoided.

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