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Replace those noisy, metal or plastic ID tags with one of these beautiful personalized leather dog collars!
In case the custom leather dog collars on this page are not what you're looking for, have a look at all our different categories: from leather to nylon, from simple and cheap to fancy and haute couture - click here! These padded leather collars are made with top quality bridle leather, durable padding and a rivet-on nameplate with lifetime guaranteed engraving.
Normally we urge you to put your Paco Collars to the test and let your dog abuse them, but not with this line.
Know that the average price of a hand-carved collar starts at $275 because the labor involved is comparable to tattoo art and depends on complexity of design, collar size, and color. Refer to our Custom Carved Collar price guide to give you a better idea of what your dog’s collar may cost. Jaime Derringer, Founder + Executive Editor of Design Milk and Dog Milk is a Jersey girl living the laid back life in SoCal. Laser engraved name plates with your specified text and font, riveted right on to your dog's new personalized collar. We will install the nameplate at the center of the collar so it sits right on the back of your dog’s neck.

With eleven beautiful colors to pick from and sizes available for all dog breeds, shapes and sizes, you are sure to find just the right collar to match your dog's personality. Matching personalized leather dog collars and leads in hiquest quality leather, english bridle leather.
Black, Tan, and Chestnut Brown English bridle leather and ivory nylon stitching for durability and looks.The looks and durability of a handcrafted English bridle leather dog collar with a personalized stainless steel nameplate built right into the collar. Hand beveled edges, solid brass D rings and buckles, and hand polished brass plates makes this collar a true beauty. Once we receive your email, we can start a conversation about your unique Custom Carved Collar and give you an initial quote. We will create a drawing of your dog’s collar after we receive a $100 deposit fee that will be applied to the total cost of your collar.
Due to the labor and design process that is involved with creating your collar, our turn-around time for our Custom Carved Collars is 4-6 weeks. A stainless steel plate is used to complement the black leather while a solid brass plate will nicely enhance the brown leather. Not only are these collars classy, they are extremely durable and made out of water-resistant leather!

A center ring provides a pivot point to relieve pressure if the collar gets caught on something, allowing the collar to slip off your dog's neck easier. And the custom laser engraved nameplate is always right on the back of your dog's neck for easy identification. Pictured left: personalized dog collars for small dogs and large dogs, in 8 color combinations. The outside bison leather provides durability and great looks, while the inside elk leather layer gives your dog that extra soft comfort! The combination of bison and elk hide along with the personalized brass nameplate really give these collars a unique look!
With our high tech laser engraver we’ll be able to completely personalize your collar and give your dog an advantage in any beauty contest he or she walks into.

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