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The term “eating your own dog food” comes from programmers who force themselves to use the programs they create; that’s how the bugs get worked out. A mantra is a two- or three-word explanation of why your innovation (product, service, company) should exist. Kawasaki said mission statements don’t always resonate with everyone in the business, can be over the top and don’t always articulate the ‘meaning’ or how you want to change the world.
Kawasaki said many times in the US he has seen a company hire out a high end hotel (which always seems to come with a golf course) for its business leaders to work together over a couple days on crafting a mission statement. Back in '80s, when Kawasaki was working for Apple, people wanted it to progress to a “bigger, faster, cheaper Apple 2”.
Don’t miss the boat by trying to perfect your product or service, just get it out to market and continuously improve on it. The Macintosh in the '80s was an advanced computer for its time, but there were so many “crappy elements to it," Kawasaki said. The application that you build your product or service for might not have the same application in the real world. Incremental changes are key, Kawasaki said, as once you release your product or service, you need to be prepared to go through many versions or changes based on customer feedback. However, one flaw to the pitch Kawasaki pointed out is the dog food is just being shifted to a warehouse, which means cost in delivering to people's homes. A little bit of innocuous cyber stalking on social media networks to gain information on your potential client’s interests and passions can go a long way, he said. When it comes to using PowerPoint, Kawasaki said a good rule of thumb is keep your presentation to 10 slides, 20 minutes of talking, and 30 point font size so an audience over the age of 20 can read the text.

Also, whatever you do, do not lose interest in your audience by reading any part of your slides word to word, he added. He said when a bozo tries to instantly turn down your idea, come back at him or her with examples of foolish, short-sightedness mistakes well-known technologists have made in the past. According to technology writer Clive Thompson, politicians should take a cue from the tech world – and live by their own policies.
Guy Kawasaki, chief evangelist of Canva, shared his working life experience in innovation as an early employee of Apple at the Gartner Symposium on the Gold Coast. Do it to make meaning or to change the world in some way, and that should be your main driver behind innovation, said Kawasaki.
And if you define yourself as the ice factory business, you will not see the light of the refrigerator occur. Do you start telling people ‘no, this is cosmetics…this is not about preventing mosquitos from biting your precious little jewels’. And with eBay, now you don’t have to be a giant retailer to successfully reach a wide consumer audience to sell your stuff, as anybody can do this online, he said.
I was speaking to the management of LG and thought ‘you know Guy, you’d be so clever if you’d taken a picture of your washer and dryer. But he was so successful on the [current] curve, he would not embrace and accept the next curve,” Kawasaki said. This also means Guy turned down a job offer from Yahoo, that he says cost him 2 billion dollars. A barefoot guy on LSD, and a guy wearing flip-flops are responsible for the creation of Apple and Facebook.

First one was used both by the late Steve Jobs, and Guy Kawasaki and off course the legendary hockey player Wayne Gretzky.
Guy often posts photos of his Porsche, of the replacement Porsche they send him, and when he goes to the track to drive a special Porsche.
Flying Virgin Atlantic, increases your chances of bumping into Guy Kawasaki by 0.0000001% and it also gives you a common topic with your favorite VC. Intelligence: MyKey from Ford allows the owner of the car to program the key and set a maximum speed of the car. 6) Let 100 flowers blossom If people want to use your product in a different way, go with it and reproach the market in a new way. That’s 69,926,000 cans of dog food consumed every day, or 25,522,990,000 cans of dog food every year. By cutting out the Store you could save the consumer the hassle of driving to the store and the additional markup on dog food to help pay for the storefront and employees to stack the shelves and serve the customer at the till.
Now the dog owners don’t have to get in their car and drive all the way to the store, but because the dog food is delivered by a courier then they need to be at home to receive the dog food, and the courier will be there between 8am and 12pm, or 1pm and 5pm.

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