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Published by Top Dog on March 26, 2012 in Dog Charities, Dog Training and Behaviour and Fun Dog Stuff. I often see people and guide dogs in training in interesting places, leaving me thinking the hard work that must go in to training one of these puppies into a reliable, self sufficient dog!
The puppies are then transferred to their ‘puppy families’ (a family chosen to help raise the puppy until it is of 14 months), and then re-join the Guide Dog team when they are ready for more serious training. For the puppy families, they are responsibly to provide the puppy with basic social skills, obedience and lots of fun!
The dogs are visited regularly by Puppy Raising Officers, who monitor their development and take them on training walks on their local area.
Puppies that are selected to become Guide Dogs undergo an intensive five-month program to learn the complex skills required for their new job.

Refusing commands that may lead the trainer into danger – for example, if the trainer instructs the Guide Dog to walk them into a hole, the dog should refuse to walk forward when commanded. This is a long and expensive task, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars to train urgently needed dogs. 1 Comment Tags: Brisbane dog charities, Guide dogs Brisbane, guide dogs how to help, help dog charities. The pups are taken to places that they will later experience as a Guide Dog, such as train stations, shopping centers and even restaurants! In addition, the pups spend time at the Guide Dogs Centre – to help them become familiar with their next home. Puppies that are unsuitable may become Pets As Therapy dogs – much-loved companions for people who may be disadvantaged due to age, illness or disability.

A dog that is unsuitable for either role can even be offered to its puppy raisers as a pet!
There are plenty of ways to donate and funds are desperately needed, so if you feel like sponsoring a very worthy cause don’t hesitate to get in contact with Guide Dogs Australia.

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