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And so I give you: three tips on how to maximize your chances of finding and adopting the perfect dog from a foster-based rescue. The primary advantage of adopting from a foster-based rescue, as opposed to a shelter that houses its dogs in kennels, is that you can get a fuller picture of how the dog behaves in a normal home environment. However, this information is only available if the dog has been in foster care for a sufficient period of time. Another factor is that if the dog has been in foster care for at least a couple of weeks, you should know whether the dog was incubating any illnesses. If the dog’s been in foster care for a couple of weeks, however, then any of those obvious diseases should have become apparent (and, hopefully, the rescue will have begun appropriate treatments). For these reasons, my opinion is that an older dog is always a better choice for a family pet in a home with young children.
And that, in a (large) nutshell, are my three main tips for successfully choosing a dog from foster care.

It takes most dogs at least a week, and sometimes a couple of months, to decompress from shelter stress and begin exhibiting their actual personalities. The top priority should always be finding a dog whose personality, activity level, and training needs are compatible with your own lifestyle. Before that, there’s a high probability that the dog will be either shut down and unusually subdued, or frenetic and hyperactive. The dog might have appeared healthy enough to pass a pre-transport health check, but only because symptoms hadn’t begun showing yet. Most parents with young kids don’t fully appreciate how much work is involved in puppy rearing, and how difficult it can be to devote that much time and effort to the dog while also wrangling a houseful of small children. There’s no use falling in love with a dog who looks like Lassie if she acts like Cujo.
No matter which dog you choose, there are going to be some lumps and bumps and roadblocks along the way (and the dog will likely feel the same way about you sometimes, too!).

In neither case can you get an accurate picture of the dog’s normal demeanor or energy level. Thus, every once in a while, adopters bring home dogs directly from transport and then are surprised and heartbroken when their new pet breaks with parvo 48 hours later or starts shedding tapeworms in their poop.
And of course the whole enterprise of dog rescue is run by imperfect people who make mistakes and guess wrong sometimes and don’t always see everything that they should. A healthy three-year-old dog, by contrast, should be able to hold it for eight hours without too much strain.

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