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It’s not unheard of for a very tired dog to still be able to muster up the energy to freak out when his owners leave him alone in the house. We come highly recommended by families, rescues, veterinarians, and even other dog trainers! Like you can take the most unruly dog, and just wear them out and they will be tolerable. The level of anxiety and mental confusion in that dog was not going to be overcome with a marathon run. Famous dog trainers like Cesar Milan have toted the benefits of exercise for behavior issues. So the issue becomes that the 5-mile jog routine you began is no longer producing the same fatigue in your dog.

Every dog needs boundaries and to learn them, they need feedback on what is ok, and what is not ok.
While exercise is essential and highly beneficial to health and well-being, there is more to good behavior than just exercise. It is not ok for a dog to put human belongings in his mouth, and therefore every time a dog tries that, they need to be consistently corrected and redirected. Just like children learn which set of behaviors is appropriate for various environments, dogs must learn, too.
If leadership is clear, and a relationship is balanced, the simple act of putting a dog inside a crate and leaving has changed. Also, in order to do sports like agility, you must have a basic foundation of obedience on the dog, so they take direction when off-leash.

The problem is, life can change, and one week you may be just too busy to give your dog a 5-mile jog every day. If you are busy one day, ill, or have to work late and don’t have the time to provide the normal level of exercise and stimulation, your dog (ideally) will adjust to that.

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