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Yes there is: adoptme foopets neopets marapets chickensmoothie furry-paws Here Are Some Unpopular Game But Really GOOD!
When virtual and talking pet games come into the picture, there’s no developer more on top of the game than Outfit7, who has been developing their talking pet games for quite some time now and have many popular apps already released on the Android platform. Surprisingly the first edition of the game was updated more recently than the 2nd version, but we’re sure most of the issues and bugs that these games may have faced in their earlier months have all been patched up for the most part and they are fully released games that are playable. To switch things up a little-bit, we move onto Talking Pierre the Parrot, another free virtual pet game from Outfit7 in the category of entertainment apps. Last, but certainly not least is my favorite virtual pet game from Outfit7, Talking Ben the Dog. VPL is an online community that currently is supported by donations and now advertisements, however, as we continue to grow, our costs become higher as well.

This article will simply list our favorite virtual pet games with a strong emphasis on the apps from Outfit7, because they are receiving the best ratings and reviews from players. Unlike the Talking Tom games though, this one only got a 3.8 rating, but still has nearly half a million 5 star ratings, which means that most people enjoy this game. Recently the developers added in a new bathroom as well as five new puzzle pictures and a child mode, which can be turned on and off to make it more G-rated, not that there is anything really that offense in the game anyways. Each of first 18 zones represents an elemental type in the game such as poison, grass, flying etc. To achieve cheating free gaming platform in such an easily cheatable genre (browser games) there are different precautions.
Also each captured monster is stored individually with total different 64 values such as its nature (like pokemon natures), abilities, private pet name given by the owner etc.

However currently no more new monsters are being added to the game but current monsters are being revamped or replaced with better quality artworks. But the game prints the every action in the battle interface so just being careful will let you to understand battle mechanics.

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