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If you’re looking for a new member to add to your family, why not adopt a pet from a shelter today! If you are interested in literally saving and making lives better become a TCR foster parent.  If you would like to join our Foster Family, please fill in our Foster Application today! Ruffin’s Pet Centres, located at 581 Main Street East (Main & Sanford) in downtown Hamilton has welcomed Pride Rescue kitties into their store, and our little ones are always eager for visits from potential adopters! As part of our work with feral and stray cats, our volunteers make daily effort to work with each of the cats at our feeding stations, we take with us treats of cooked meat, Temptations, and even toys as we work to get through to these cats, who have never known any kindness, that developing relationships with people can not only help them lead better day-to-day lives, but can also help them to reach brighter happier futures as well loved, indoor pets.
Donations of care items and supplies can be dropped off to Ruffin’s Pet Centre, located at 581 Main Street East (Main & Sanford) in downtown Hamilton, and will go directly toward the care of cats and kittens in need! As often as our space within foster homes permits, we visit Hamilton Animal Services to save the lives of cats and kittens in need – we are always in search of new foster homes to help us save even more lives! Pride Rescue will provide for all veterinary needs, and can provide food and litter if needed for the care of foster pets – if you have a little room and a lot of love to share, YOU can help save lives, too!
When Toronto Street Cats first began these workshops in 2010, the organization had around 12 volunteers who made about a dozen or so shelters at each workshop.

Jan, a first time volunteer, read about the workshop in the Toronto Humane Society’s newsletter.
Annex Cat Rescue will be participating in PetSmart Charities’ National Adoption Weekend on Saturday November 14 and Sunday November 15.
Foster parent Emma and her boyfriend Jameel took Robbie in and fostered him for over a year.
While ACR is involved with TNR, fostering, adoptions and more, I believe feral colony feeding is very impactful to our communities. I am also a dog walker at the Toronto Humane Society, and I volunteer with a kids’ program at a community centre. Volunteers, around 20 of them, had already organized themselves into different stations in the parking garage of the Toronto Humane Society and were working away to construct feral cat shelters. He had never had a pet before and didn’t know what to expect, and was initially a little hesitant.
Be sure to stop in to visit the babies in-store, and to have all your pet care needs met by the kind and helpful store staff!

Eventually, he began to creep down while his fosters watched television and would sneak around the periphery of the room; he wanted to be near them but invisible. She stayed for less than an hour that night and already Oscar had approached her and accepted some petting.
The organization also gives a portion of the finished product to Toronto Animal Services and Animal Alliance of Canada.
But when I moved back to Toronto, I wanted to be more involved with an animal rescue organization on a regular basis.

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