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Take a look at the responses and insights we gained from our customer questionnaire, which looked at your dog's dietary requirements. Dogs are man’s best friend since thousands of years and back then feeding a puppy was never a problem like present day situations.
Let us have a look about what can be the right foods for building a healthy immune system of a puppy. Back in time it’s said that dogs have been evolving in this planet for about 40 million years and majority of the time they had no human contact. Man has altered the food patterns of all domesticated animals for his own benefit and changed their natural living styles from that of what Mother Nature had intended for them. A puppy’s growth starts from its mother’s tummy, so that is the time when we have to start giving it the right foods. All these are just reserved for those puppies that are born to play in the wild, whereas domesticated puppies are served with instant canned foods which can neither take the place of natural foods nor provide proper health to puppies. The answer is very simple stop giving your pups processed canned foods instead replace it with raw foods as they would get in the wild.
Chocolates are one of the favorite foods of many species especially human beings and we tend to feed our pets occasionally with these sweet treats.

Do not feed leftovers in the fridge to your pups or even adult dogs as they may cause food poisoning. Conclusion: Dogs usually exhibit an omnivorous feeding behavior in their growth stage and for that reason their diet should include proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals and water in ample proportions.
At 2013, we put our foot down and actually went ahead with The Dog Problems which is an online affiliate to some of the best selling natural medicines for dog problems.
So that simply implies that dogs are used to eating raw and natural foods unlike canned foods which we present in front of them.
In most of the cases you won’t have that option while you might be getting a puppy directly from its owner or a pet shop, so in that cases make sure you buy one from a breeder who mainly concentrates in giving raw foods. Usually pups feed on foods partly digested and chewed by their mothers in their natural habitats.
If you are doing so then stop immediately as chocolates are poisonous foods for pups (even adult dogs) as they contain theobromine which is a stimulant. Consuming sufficient amount of garlic and onions may damage red blood cells in dogs and pups, so avoid including them in their diets. The puppy’s mother should be fed with raw foods while she is lactating so that her offspring’s will develop with strong immune system and growth.

The bitch makes sure that she eats different variety of foods like organic materials, carcass or raw meat to ensure that her pups are getting proper nutrition. Many people recommend on giving processed foods for puppies and dogs, but just give a thought did they eat such foods just before 1950’s. By the time the pups grow up to 8 weeks or so they are ready to hunt on their own and eat the same foods as their mother does. I am not advising to stop all artificial foods but always make or include diets only after consulting with a vet.
Any organism best thrives and survives when provided with natural diets and dogs are no exception.
Don’t overdo anything and try to teach good habits rather than training him to eat on the leftovers.

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