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Our flexi retractable dog lead products, selected from our extensive catalogue of pet supplies. Retractable leads are a fantastic invention and add so much to the walking experience for both dog and dog owner.
The most obvious danger is the possibility of the lead snapping without warning, especially next to a busy road. Even if the lead looks great it's better to choose a slightly less stylish one if it is stronger. Shorten the lead to a standard lead length and keep it tight so that your dog cannot move suddenly towards the traffic.

The more your dog pulls the greater are the friction forces and the resulting wear on the lead. Many cheaper leads can and do snap without warning, especially with stronger dogs that pull a lot.
Tape leads tend to have this friction spread across the full width of the tape so should last longer before showing signs of frictional wear, compared to cord leads. Many buyers don't even consider this assuming that retractable leads will last as long as the old standard fixed length leads.
People with very strong large dogs quickly change to Flexi leads after learning the hard way that cheap leads don't last.

The fact that Flexi prices are slightly higher than most leads should be a reassurance that you are buying quality.

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