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What really makes the VARIO a standout in the world of retractable leashes are the accessories and customizable features. I have to admit that my initial skepticism was pretty much blasted away after trying out the VARIO for a while. I know I’m not alone in thinking this, which is why I was more than intrigued to test drive the new VARIO Tape Leash from Flexi. Most retractable leashes have a one-size-fits-all approach, offering little in the way of customization — or comfort.

Well, the VARIO has an LED lighting system that you can attach to the outside that features super bright clear LEDs on the front and flashing red LEDs on the back, so you’ll be visible from any direction. But generally, I personally would not recommend a retractable leash for any dog that has leash aggression issues no matter what their size. So, we got our hands on a pair of leashes and took ’em for spin to see just how different this 2014 Red Dot Design Award winning leash could be.
The breaking system is intuitive and seems to offer more (and faster) control than other retractable leashes on the market.

Everything about the VARIO screams ingenuity; some major time, research, and development went into creating this product and it shows.

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