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Plus, not only are they light yet sturdy and easy to handle, they also come with a thumb brake — which locks.
Because I’m not really comfortable with the whole “dogs in clothing” look, I like to express our personal style with the choice of a chic collar and lead.
Burns and cuts are the most common injuries, usually sustained when the cord comes in contact with your skin as it spooled out from the leash.
Also, on those rare occasions when a dog has sped up unexpectedly (yeah, I’m talking to you, squirrels!) instead of grabbing the tape, which can cause burning and cutting injuries, I just drop the whole leash. The retractable leashes used to be pretty plain and boring –- red, black, and blue were the only choices.

Your dog should be trained and able to walk calmly and nicely on a regular lead before you try the retractable leash.
We don’t use the leashes in crowded areas or in situations where they might get tangled up with other dogs. Though there are several manufacturers of retractable leashes, the most famous brand is Flexi, based and made in Hamburg, Germany.
My dogs are medium size, but some larger breeds just require more control and a shorter leash. I wouldn’t let young children use retractable leashes -– kids are more likely to try and grab the tape and get injured, and they’re not designed for small hands.

But here’s why I risked the dangers of finger amputation and added retractable leashes to our collection, along with more traditional leads.

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