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If you're an experienced runner, this 8-week, 10k training program is designed to improve your times by incorporating more advanced forms of conditioning. The program makes use of intense tempo and interval training and some strength training should also be incorporated into the plan. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays of this 10k training plan incorporate steady-state runs of varying distances. This entry was posted in Training and tagged Excercise, Training on November 20, 2010 by Ingo. Every g-force model now includes an exclusive LeMond Fitness WKO Lite™ Personal Training CD. The marathon training plan below has been designed with advanced endurance athletes in mind.
If you don't meet one or more of these provisos, seriously consider the beginner or Intermediate marathon training plans.
Finally, this marathon training plan pre-supposes that your are in good health and you've had medical screening before you begin.

As an experienced distance runner, you'll already be aware of many of the general principles of training AND those unique to marathon training. If over-training during the plan is a problem, too many miles in the month leading up to the race is perhaps the number one error found in a typical marathon training plan.
Remember, long runs in this marathon training plan are NOT run at race pace - save that for shorter sessions. The advanced marathon training plan starts with 6 weeks of strength training 2days per week.
For descriptions on how to perform these exercises, see this list of circuit training exercises. As the marathon training plan progresses (and after the initial 6week base period), you can add in some explosive movements such as single leg hops, bounding and other plyometric exercises.
This is an example of a simple periodized marathon training plan - nothing overly complicated because it doesn't need to be.
After a spring with a rather high activity level for me with training for and completing the Brolopp in June and lot’s of roller skating with Friday Night Skate during the summer, some of my joints (not the smoking type) have been a little bit congested.

Simply install the CD on your computer and you will be able to use any of the three custom fitness programs to enhance your g-force workout. You can improve your overall fitness level, increase your short term power, stimulate your metabolism for weight loss and even increase your sprinting power. Downloading your workout and analyzing your watt and heart data will tell you how well you were able to accomplish your training goals. WKO Lite™ training programs include a Weight Loss Plan, a Fitness Improvement Plan, and especially for cyclists who want to be more competitive and improve their results, a Peak Performance Plan which measures and charts your watt output.
The plan is to do this program, that I got from a instructor at Novo Nordisk, 2 times a week.
This often means that recovery is lacking because of over training, illness or other stress.

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