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But people who are more educated about this amazing dog breed know that Pitbulls are not predisposed to aggression.
There are two very popular Pitbull breeds that many people prefer; the Blue Fawn Pitbull and the Blue Nose Pitbull.
This breed of Pitbull is very similar to the Blue Fawn and also has a sliver pattern their coats.
Powerful animal, pitbulls of all types have been bred for the purpose of fighting and has unfortunately given these loving animals a bad name. Pitbull breeders all over the world have been producing these amazing animals for many years due to both their color and temperament. Another distinct trait that every Blue Fawn Pit possesses is a red nose that helps them stand out among other Pitbull breeds.

Selective breeding has allowed many Pitbull breeders to produce these amazing looking dogs.
They should posses and replicate the qualities we find desirable to be considered as a suitable pitbull for our kennel and in our breeding program. While all dog breeds can show signs of aggression, there is no research that indicates that Pitbulls are more aggressive than any other dog.
These Pitbulls are highly sought after by those looking for a family pet because they are considered the most docile of all Pitbull types.
While there are many different types of Pitbulls out there; two specific breeds often standout as the most popular. The following pit bulls on this page are our female blue nose pitbulls that define our kennels.

For those of you who wish to keep your Blue Fawn Pit in your home, potty training will be easy because they are very intelligent dogs.
Layla has no choice but to be a phenomenal producer because every champion pitbull in her pedigree has produced phenomenal offspring.

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