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Brain is considered to be the most essential part of human existence which is responsible for the ability to think, express, feel, etc. According to the researchers, there is a Mid-brain Dopamine System(MDS) that provides signals to the rest of the brain about the non-occurred events which brings out the prediction events. Thus, every time brains sees an event it tries to predict its future from that point of time. The parents who get worried about their teen children should relax because the brains of teenagers are not fully developed but the teen attitude is just a part of the brain development. In a research analysis, it has been shown that the parts of the brain responsible for multi-tasking do not get matured until the age of 17.And while performing any action, teens less likely than adults do not have the feeling of empathy or guilt so they learn it by socializing with others. The brain consists of two forms of movements: REM-Rapid Eye Movement where sleep is heavy and during which dreams occur in mind making the brain more active. Other is NREM-Non Rapid Eye Movement where people do net get much sleep and there is no or little eye movement.
Women brains are considered to be smaller than men, but the nerve cells and the cortex of brain is larger and organized which makes them smarter than men allowing them to work more efficiently. It means that the men use only their left side of the brain often called rational or logical side of the brain to perform their task whereas women use both the sides of their brain which means they transfer the vibes to both left and right sides at a faster speed. Thus according to researches being conducted it has been said that most of the men and women have some skills in common and some still find the differences between brains of men and women. Since the body weight of a human is 2%, the brain consumes energy of about 20% produced by the body.
In a research it has been shown that a large amount of energy is correlated with the active signal processing and more of the energy is consumed while doing a mental work. Another famous example is Ung Young who already understood algebra at the age of 8 months, by the age of 2 got fluent in 4 languages and graduated at the age of 15.
But we still get headache that is due to some sensitive structure around the brain because brain has no nerves present in it. Since the brain is numb to pain so surgeons can perform brain operation even if the patient is awake to ensure that there is not any kind of problems in the vision or motor control functions.
This is known to every human that are brain works as a single part but it is an unknown fact that the brain works into two different functions. The brain’s right side controls the muscles of left side of the body whereas the left brain controls the muscles of right side of the body. Most of the analysts believe that left side of the brain is responsible for the language communication whereas the right side is responsible for recognizing people.
And due to this crisscross wiring, damage to one side of the brain affects the other side of the body.
Neurons are the cells within the nervous system that pass on information to other nerve cells or muscles through electrical and chemical signals. Thus, if a single neuron generates a single amount of electricity, all the other neurons together generates so much amount of electricity that it can power up a light bulb. Researchers have found out that special cells called Glia in the brain transport nutrients to neurons and hold the neurons at their place.
Since humans have a bigger size brain than animals, humans have have more capacity to produce neurons which creates wrinkles indicating the limit how much humans can learn. But the wrinkles with which we are born stays throughout our life keeping our brain healthy. Thus it can be said that brain is the vital organ of the body without which a human body is numb. THIS IS A CRITICAL PERIOD OF DEVELOPMENT The brain grows throughout life, but between the ages of 11 and 17 is one of the biggest leaps in our development. YOU ARE GETTING NEW THINKING SKILLS An increase in brain matter causes the processing power of our brains to increase.
YOU NEED SLEEP A common myth is that teens needs less sleep than young children, but at this age our brains our growing crazy fast so they still need 9-10 hours to make sure that nothing is hindering that growth.

SELF ESTEEM STARTS TO EXIST This is the first time we are really seeing ourselves in the world. Common media stereotypes are wrong; most kids are not depressed, insecure, anxious and having problems throughout their teenage years. The most recent addition to our brains is the prefrontal cortex, and this is one of the areas that kicks into overdrive in the teen years.
The prefrontal cortex allows us to "time travel" as we consider the past, process the present and contemplate the "what ifs" of the future.
Teens are emotional because the older, impulsive limbic portion of the brain also increases its activity at this time, especially in the early teen years. Many geniuses had great success in their later years due to inspiration or ideas formulated during their teen years. Teens in love show an increase in dopamine in one small part of the brain called the nucleus accumbens, the same area affected in the brains of those addicted to any number of things. Today marks the first time in history when children are an authority on something really important – the digital revolution.
Despite indications that friends rule their lives, experience shows that teens still care very much about what their parents think and have a strong desire for their approval.
Educators can watch and purchase many episodes and learning guides of Doc Zone and The Nature of Things for classroom use on our portal for educators. And though it may seem impossible to get inside the head of an adolescent, scientists have probed this teen tangle of neurons. Due to the increase in brain matter, the teen brain becomes more interconnected and gains processing power, Johnson said. Part of the limbic system, the amygdala is thought to connect sensory information to emotional responses.
Over the course of adolescence, the limbic system comes under greater control of the prefrontal cortex, the area just behind the forehead, which is associated with planning, impulse control and higher order thought. As additional areas of the brain start to help process emotion, older teens gain some equilibrium and have an easier time interpreting others.
As teens become better at thinking abstractly, their social anxiety increases, according to research in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences published in 2004. Taken together, these changes may make teens vulnerable to engaging in risky behaviors, such as trying drugs, getting into fights or jumping into unsafe water.
The hormone changes at puberty have huge affects on the brain, one of which is to spur the production of more receptors for oxytocin, according to research detailed in a 2008 issue of the journal Developmental Review.
While this may make a teen seem self-centered (and in their defense, they do have a lot going on), the changes in the teen brain may also spur some of the more idealistic efforts tackled by young people throughout history. Until their brains develop enough to handle shades of gray, their answers to these questions can be quite one-sided, Feinstein said, but the parents' job is to help them explore the questions, rather than give them answers. The gray matter of the brain develops just before puberty and is pushed back to period of adolescence when the massive development changes occur in the frontal lobes which are responsible for decision making any giving judgments. It is often considered as a deeper stage of sleep where people can dream occasionally but since it’s not as conscious as REM sleep people tend to forget their dreams. The ability of thinking, identifying and controlling emotionally and using language skills is more in women but the ability to think logically is a part of man’s brain. According to them, people having big heads have larger brain with high level of IQ”s being more intelligent and clever than the people having smaller heads. They found that Einstein’s scientific genius brain was different from the other scientists because of high ratio of the neurons. Since the brain itself is not a sensory organ but gives us commands through the sensory organs such as eyes , skin, tongue etc. The main function of the brain is to warn us against a particular danger by sending signals through the spinal cord. The Right brain works and is oriented visually and conceptually while the Left brain thinks more rationally and analytically.

Its development, combined with hormonal changes, may give rise to newly intense experiences of rage, fear, aggression (including toward oneself), excitement and sexual attraction. As additional areas of the brain start to help process emotion, older teens gain some equilibrium and have an easier time interpreting others. We are now starting to see ourselves from the eyes of another and spend time thinking about what others are thinking of us. So if we don’t get the sleep we need, expect to see some increased moodiness and some evidence of a drowsy brain as the week progresses. We start to see how the world looks at us and put ourselves in a place we feel fits our own view of ourselves.
Bringing a fresh perspective to old problems and challenging supposed limits is the essence of the teenage mind.
Factors shown to elevate dopamine levels include loud music, the presence of friends and surviving dangerous situations (especially with friends). Teen love is, in fact, a profound addiction that steals the reward system of the brain and rejection can be likened to going through withdrawal.
Anti-depressant, seratonin increasing medications make this less likely to happen as they decrease the production of dopamine. With social media, human social evolution is unfolding before our eyes and under the leadership of teenagers. By submitting your comments, you acknowledge that CBC has the right to reproduce, broadcast and publicize those comments or any part thereof in any manner whatsoever. By late adolescence, say 17 years old and after, the part of the brain responsible for impulse control and long-term perspective taking is thought to help them reign in some of the behavior they were tempted by in middle adolescence, according to McNeely and Blanchard.
This predicting ability of the brain helps to maintain the mentality level which keeps on updating with the changing environment. During the day brain does lots of activities which needs to be remembered so, night sleep is the best way to remember all those work done throughout the day as it also helps to stabilize our memories.
The smaller heads are considered to be least intellectual and focused and the people who have larger brains are considered intelligent because of more brain cells. The top of the brain is convoluted by deep fissures , smaller grooves called Sulci and ridges called Gyri whose surface is the Cerebral Cortex where neurons are located.
We start looking for more reassurance from our peers and so are more likely to take risks in front of them.
Teenagers were the evolutionary solution to making this new, big brain work to its full potential. In particular, peer approval has been shown to be highly rewarding to the teen brain, Johnson said, which may be why teens are more likely to take risks when other teens are around. So even if all they do is sit around with their friends, teens are hard at work acquiring important life skills.
It is made up of 75% of water and the brain is the one which helps to develop our own self and increase our personality. It can be said that the predictions made by the brain is a part of smooth consciousness that sometimes comes out to be right due to the conclusions drawn from the recent patterns or the past experiences. Many scientists believe it is way to enhance the emotions and interactions of our daily life or processing up the information and events occurred that is why dreams appear.
If the required amount of energy is not supplied to the brain or the central nervous system then it may lead to disorders like stroke. The brain is considered to lack pain receptors that is why it is not able to detect things. Since the pattern of the brain changes with time, the functioning of the brain also changes with the person.

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