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At home, in the mid-Atlantic region, off the North American coast between Virginia and New Jersey, Horseshoe crabs are bottom dwelling or Benthic critters. Xiphosura Horseshoe crabs are a member of the Chelicerae species and have a hard, dome shaped carapace that protects their entire body. On the underside of the Opisthosoma are the 10 legs of the Horseshoe Crab; four pairs are walking legs and end in a pair looking like little pincers.
Horseshoe crabs have four eyes: Two compound eyes on the side of their carapace and two simple eyes on the front. Answer: Horseshoe crabs (Xiphosura) are more closely related to spiders and scorpions (Arachnids) rather than to crustaceans.
Supposedly frozen in time, horseshoe crabs are often hailed as “living fossils” by the media.

Walking around on the ocean floor is generally how horseshoe crabs get from point A to point B. Every year in May and June, the bay becomes the largest Atlantic horseshoe crab spawning zone on Earth. As you might expect, horseshoe crab blood is worth a pretty penny: sellers now command $15,000 per quart. Whereas our blood uses iron-based hemoglobin to transport oxygen throughout the body, horseshoe crabs rely on hemocyanin, which contains copper. To ensure that a vaccine or injectable drug is safe, they introduce horseshoe crab amebocytes into a sample. The carapace must be shed, like the skin of a snake, for the Xiphosura Horseshoe crab to grow.

The other Sea Arachnid Xiphosura Horseshoe crabs, who live elsewhere, are harvested for use in the fertilizer industry and for bio-medical research. With so many animals utterly dependent on this fodder, nesting horseshoe crabs are vital to the ecology of Delaware Bay and countless other regions around the world.
Instead, special cells called amebocytes attack pathogens in the horseshoe crab's body by sealing them inside a gooey physical barrier, thus halting the malady’s spread. On its underside, a horseshoe has two “ventral eyes,” which presumably help it navigate while swimming.

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