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For something so seemingly simple and essential as drinking water, plenty of myths and misconceptions exist about possible water benefits and harms. Water is essential to survival — use these facts to figure out if you need to increase your intake or feel reassured that you’re drinking enough. From the truth about drinking eight glasses of water per day to refilling plastic bottles, here’s what you should know about water benefits. Though water is the easiest and most economical fluid to keep you hydrated, the latest Institute of Medicine recommendation is that women should strive for about two liters or eight glasses a day and men should aim for three liters or 12 glasses a day of any fluid, not just water. Though water doesn’t necessarily neutralize toxins, the kidneys do use water to get rid of certain waste products.
Bottled water in and of itself doesn’t cause the teeth to decay, but it usually doesn’t contain any fluoride, which is added to tap water to help prevent tooth decay.

While it used to be believed that staying properly hydrated led to youthful, vibrant skin, the reality is that the amount of water you drink probably has very little to do with what your skin looks like. If you start to feel thirsty, then you are headed in the wrong direction and should grab a drink of water, but thirst doesn’t necessarily mean you’re dehydrated. Sports drinks may have fancier advertising campaigns, but water is really all you need to get the fluid necessary to participate in most athletic endeavors. People with certain health conditions can put themselves at risk of complications if they drink too much water.
Plastic water bottles can present a couple of risks to people who drink their contents and then fill them up time and again.
If you don’t drink enough water, your kidneys don’t have the amount of fluid they need to do their job properly.

Water replaces other calorie-laden beverages in the diet, causing you to reduce your overall number of calories. Instead, external factors such as skin cleansing, the environment, the number of oil glands, and the functioning of these oil-producing glands determine how dry the skin is or will become. Ideally your urine should be straw yellow in color.” Other factors, though, such as taking a multivitamin, can also lead to yellow urine.

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