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Or explore more about wolves at your local library or bookstore with this guide to some great Books about Wolves. The largest kinds are almost a metre tall at the shoulder and weigh over 75kg,  and the smallest kind weigh about 10kg.
Wolves live in large family groups groups called a pack, and each pack has a territory in which they live and hunt. Indian wolfFound in the open lands of India, in areas that are hot desert, their reddish colour and small size make them mistaken for foxes. Himalayan wolfSimilar in appearance to Indian wolves,  these wolves are found in some parts of India in Jammu and Kashmir,  and in Nepal and the foothills of the Himalayas, as well as parts of China and Mongolia. Ethiopian wolf, also known as the Abyssinian wolfThey look quite like foxes or jackals, with long legs and a longer, more pointed muzzle than other wolves.

Except as permitted under the Act (for example for the services of the Crown or in reliance on one of the fair dealing exceptions i.e. Here's a great example: click here to read Alyssa's story -- she's proof that kids can help make a difference to save wolves.
In the hot climate in which they live, their coats are thinner and shorter than that of other wolves.
They stay in the den with their mother for a few weeks before starting to leave the den for longer periods of time to play and fight together, and gradually join the pack at about three months of age.
They are not threatened.•Red wolves are classified as Critically Endangered, one reason being the fact that they kill cattle and are in turn killed by farmers. They have two layers of fur: short fur close to the skin for warmth, and an outer layer of longer, coarse hair that repels water and dirt.

For safety reasons, wolves howl in a number of pitches and tones so that it is hard to work out how many wolves are in the pack.
Wolves mark their territory with the scent of their urine (pee) and by scratching the ground. In large packs, there will be a pair that are in effect second in command, known as the beta pair, who lead when the alpha pair is absent.
Also different is the fact that males stay with the pack in which they were born, and the young females move to another pack.

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