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Maned Wolf is an astonishing animal, native to South America, with physical features of a hyena, the head and coat color of a wolf and the large ears of an African hunting dog. Male and female wolves typically associate in breeding season only, which begins in the month of April. The long legs of this specie enables it see above tall grass, making easy for the animal to spot prey as well as hide from it.
Both male and female maned wolves use their urine to communicate, like marking the hunting paths and burying of the hunted prey. The maned wolf of South America is a magnificent animal with a pointed muzzle and very large erect ears. Although most wolves have basically grey coats, hence the common name, the coats usually have a lot of base yellow interspersed between the salt-and-pepper fey and black hair. Wolves are very intelligent creatures whose upright ears, sharp, pointed muzzles, inquiring eyes, and other facial features instantly convey this quality.
Most of the adult grey wolves weigh in the vicinity of 75 to 125 pounds (34 to 56 kilograms). Wolves can keep up this pace for hours on end and have been known to cover 60 miles (96 kilometers) in a single night. Wolves have been known to wash mud from there coats in rivers and streams, wolves depend on thier thick coats in winter, so it is not surprising that they spend part of thier leisure time in grooming behavior. Wolves love to play, shouldering one another, bumping bodies together, flopping tails over each other's backs, and leaping up placing forepaws around other' necks. Scent plays a very important role in the life of the wolf, by smell alone wolves can locate prey, other pack members or enemies.
The wolf has several specialized glands, one around the anus and another on its back about 3 inches (7.6 centimetres) in the front of the base of its tail.

The wolf use scent to mark territory, establish position of site of a kill and other factors within the pack.
The Alpha wolf will direct urine at stumps, rocks, or trees this marks the packs presents to the members of the pack and other wolves. Lone wolves don't use Raised-leg urination (captive wolves have been known to urinate in ponds or streams).
Defection may stimulate the anal gland and release hormonal secretions, wolves will sometimes leave scat at regular intervals on paths and hunting routes, these also act as visual markers to other wolves.
Wolves have been known to paw or scratch the ground or trees, this may release odors from glands in the paws or as visual markers to pack members and other wolves. Wolves also have keen eye sight and are quick to detect the slightest movement of anything in front of them.
In the wild wolves can live up to 13 years or more, in a protected wolf park or a controlled area of land, a wolf can live to be up to 16 years old. The Zoo's maned wolves are off exhibit to the public and currently live at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Virginia. Maned wolves are omnivorous, eating small mammals, insects, reptiles, birds, bird eggs, fruits, and vegetation. The National Zoo has been working to protect maned wolves for nearly 30 years and coordinates the collaborative, inter-zoo Maned Wolf Species Survival Plan, which includes breeding maned wolves, studying them in the wild, protecting their habitat, and educating people about them. Wolves anywhere can have coats that grade from almost pure white to jet black, although all of the arctic wolves are usually all white.
Their legs are long, and they walk at about 4 miles (6.4 kilometers) per hour, but can reach speeds of 35 mph during a chase. In summer, wolves often bathe in streams to keep cool, and they will readily follow prey into water.

A pack is usually made up of a male parent, a female parent, their pups and a few other adult wolves who are the older brothers and sisters.
The long, almost black legs allow the maned wolf to see above the long grass while running. Many maned wolves are killed on roads and there is a further threat from domestic dogs, which chase maned wolves and may also pass on disease. There are authenticated records of male wolves weighing as much as 175 pounds (79 kilograms). Two wolves will lick each others coats, nibbling gently with thier teeth to remove foreign matter. The intention to play is often signaled by the gesture well known to dog owners of dropping the front quarters into a crouch position, with smiling face and wagging tail. The wolves usually travel until they encounter the scent of some prey species ahead of them. The sweetness receptivity would be adaptive use to wolves, as sweet berries and other fruits do play a minor role in their diet. Its ears are large and long (7 inches), its throat and tip of the tail are white, and its legs are mostly dark. In addition, people kill these wolves for their body parts, believed to have magical properties.
Injured wolves are intensely groomed by other pack members, providing both physical and mental comfort.

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