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Thai elephant females do not have tusks, but some have tushes which are large incisor teeth. The Asian elephant elephant trunk has one finger which it uses to pick up and manipulate objects. African elephant trunks have two distinct fingers which it uses to pick up and manipulate objects. The trunks of elephants are an extension of their upper lip and have 50,000 interlaced muscles, making them incredibly strong, yet highly sensitive. Elephants regurgitate water from their stomachs and use their trunks to spray their bodies for cooling. Elephants smell water up to 9km away, drink up to 60 gallons a day, and are fantastic swimmers. Elephant trunks are multi-functional and are used to smell, communicate, pick up a grain of rice, lift a heavy log, show affection and defend themselves.
Most elephants have 18 toenails (five on each front foot and four on the back feet); those with 20 toenails (five on each foot) are believed to be auspicious by the Thai people.
Herd animals, elephants’ herds usually consists of females who are related to each other, with as many as 30 elephants in one herd.
Vegetarians, elephants eat for 18–20 hours a day and consume 200 different types of grass, leaves, trees, and fruit.

Trip details: Ryan and Emily will be traveling to Thailand to volunteer at the Koh Samui Dog and Cat Rescue and helping out at an Elephant Nature Park.
Earth Rangers is a registered Canadian charity (#892200528RR0001) whose mission is to educate kids about the importance of biodiversity and empower them to protect animals and their habitat.
Arts by Elephants provide one of the the best resources for Asian Elephant Facts and Information. In Thailand the elephant is held in prestigious regard, it is a sacred animal that was mounted for battle and used for integral industries like agriculture and logging. Elephants are sacred animals in Thailand so a special elephant day was designated by the government cabinet, celebrated annually on March 13th it was brought in a decade after logging was made officially illegal. Elephants are reported to go to safer ground during natural disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes. Elephants are amongst the words most intelligent animals, with a brain mass of over 5kg, it is bigger than any other land animal. Elephants show a wide variety of behaviors associated with learning: grief, humor, mimicry, art and even language. Their awareness of self, combined with the range and depth of emotions they feel are linked to their creative attributes, allowing them to create profound elephant artists. Elephant are born with very little instinctual behavior like humans, they have a long learning life process at around 10 years.

Elephants self-meditate on leaves, the same leaves that the people of Kenya use in order to induce labor.
Since 1986 the Asian Elephant has been registered as an endangered species, with population decreasing by 50% in the past 3 generations.
Check back in soon to catch all the action as these teams blog about their adventures helping animals around the world! SOOOO CUTE, I saw a baby elephant at the zoo once and i asked to take it home it would make a great BFF. We work with the elephants directly and take a great deal of interest in their development and progress.
The harsh reality is that elephants are extremely expensive to feed and look after; most of these elephants have been taken from illegal logging or street begging- their life in this park is far superior to the life they would have anywhere else. We use this page on elephant facts to inform people about elephants importance in Thai culture.

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