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When it comes to providing your dog with well-balanced, wholesome nutrition many dog owners worry that commercial dog foods simply aren’t enough.
When shopping for a new commercial dog food you probably take the time to read the label as well as the list of ingredients. When it comes to choosing a commercial pet food for your dog, your first big decision is whether to go with canned or dry food.
When it comes to keeping your dog healthy, the most important thing you must do is to provide him with a high-quality diet. Many dog owners love to spoil their pets, giving in to their begging behavior with rewards of treats and table scraps. It may come as a surprise to you to learn that it is not just humans who are susceptible to food allergies – many dogs suffer from food allergies as well. When it comes to preserving your dog’s health, the best thing you can do for him is to provide him with a high quality dog food. Maize and corn are the same, manufactures use both terms to confuse us. Today, all corn is genetically modified even in organic foods.
Without a doubt the best dry dog food should not contain anything that we wouldn’t eat, it should always be fit for human consumption. The brands listed below offer hypoallergenic and sensitive ranges, no preservatives, no unnatural food colorings and no artificial flavorings. Always introduce a new food gradually, sometimes the introduction can last weeks or even months. About the author: Sharon is the founder of Pet Cavern and is a full-time online Internet Marketing Consultant.

Meaningful Dog NamesIt is important to choose a dog name with a good meaning, it creates that first step to bonding with your dog. Cat behavior TrainingThe essentials of training a cat are very different to how it's done with a dog. Dog Behavior TrainingPositive reinforcement and operant conditioning are the most beneficial and profitable ways to train dogs. July 16, 2012 by Jerry Andie Abuke Dry or wet dog food, it is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to dog nutrition but before we go to the question, let’s tackle the very root of dog food. However, owners sometimes make the mistake of leaving out too much dry dog food that leads to overeating and grow fat. One of the advantages of wet canned food is that they are the food of choice for dogs that are sick or recovering from a disease. Choosing between dry or wet dog foods are mostly based on animal’s health condition and age rather than availability and price.
Put two to three dry grains in a cup of water, leave for two to three hours or more if you wish.
Compare them both and perform the experiment above, if nothing has opened your eyes yet, then this will.
Squeeze all the air out before sealing or buy an air tight dog food bin. It is best to keep dog food in its original bag just in case there may be some dreaded dog food recalls. Dogs are very sensitive to energy so choose wisely with our wide selection of meaningful names for your dog. Commercial dog food today are thoroughly researched and formulated to provide enough animal protein and other essential nutrients needed for good canine health.

They are not that smelly compared to wet dog foods, and they can be given without spoiling for dogs to nibble so they can be left out all day. Although this issue is being debated, it is generally believed that the hard chewing action required in dry foods helps scour teeth and gums and therefore helps in controlling tartar build-up that can lead to gum disease and tooth loss. Some dogs, on the other hand, are picky eaters and they turn up their noses to almost everything offered to them.
Some higher quality kibble can be too rich for a dog, especially if they’ve never eaten bountiful foods.
Believe it or not, companies always want their bags back, as a  result it’s better to put the bag and the contents straight into the dog food bin. There is an association today that is responsible for the nutrient profile, testing protocols and labeling regulations for the pet food industry to follow and this organization is called The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Wet dog foods are also ideal because they require virtually no chewing, and they contain more protein and fats than dry dog foods. All of the major pet food manufacturers use AAFCO’s standard for formulating and substantiating the nutrients of their products in either dry or wet dog food.
Single serving canned wet dog foods, results in less waste, because many dogs refuse to eat canned foods after it has been refrigerated.

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