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More than 9 billion chickens, along with half a billion turkeys, are slaughtered for food in the United States each year. Through the 1950s, even chickens raised for eventual slaughter were kept in traditional small coops of no more than 60 or so birds, with free access to the outdoors; they could nest, roost, and share space according to their natural behavior. As in all factory-farming industries, chicken production is designed for maximum efficiency and maximum profit. Broiler-chicken facilities tend to be extremely overcrowded, with tens of thousands of birds crammed into a single closed broiler house.
Once the chickens have attained slaughter weight, they are loaded into crowded trucks that offer no protection from extreme temperatures, and many birds die as they are shipped to processing facilities. Chickens are exempted from the USDA’s Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, which mandates that animals be rendered insensible to pain before being slaughtered. As bad as conditions are for chickens raised for meat, they are even worse for birds in the egg industry. Caged in this way, hens are unable to exercise, and constant egg production leaches calcium from their bones; these two factors cause severe osteoporosis, which leads to broken bones and great pain for the hens. The hens live like this for about two years or less, until their bodies are exhausted from the stresses of constant laying and their egg production decreases. Free-range laying hens, like all other laying hens, are killed after about a year or two when their egg production drops.
Movements are afoot across the globe to improve conditions for chickens and other poultry animals. Meanwhile, vegetarians, vegans, and animal-welfare organizations continue to emphasize that meat and egg consumption are not necessary for anyone’s health and that people concerned about animals and ethics should give strong consideration to going vegetarian. The book also includes eight supplementary essays by vegan and vegetarian activists, extensive endnotes providing a wealth of additional information and argument, and a list of recommended readings on veganism and farmed-animal protection. Written by factory farming and eggs (read with caution) « Morning Chorus on May 18, 2007.
I have a small farm here in Maine and my chickens are free to roam, have a rooster to lead them around, socialize, build nests and are really having a pretty fabolous life.
I raise chickens for eggs and every year buy about 6 to 8 Cornish rock crosses (broiler chickens)I free range these guys for 5 to 6 months and there ready for butcher.
Comment #26 was approved in the spirit of free discourse, but, at least in this moderator’s opinion, it would be nice if, on a post that talks about how chickens are exploited and killed, we could do without the hype on the superiority of the chickens one raises and slaughters for meat. Written by Health Ills Abound as Farm Runoff Fouls Wells – Advocacy For Animals on September 18, 2009. I have 4 chickens as pets – and unless you have any you cannot say it is crazy to keep them!!! Actually Chris, the consumption of cows and chickens is of no benefit to anyone, particularly the animals. I really wish people would stop caring so much about money and more about the living things in the same world as them. God put anamils on this earth for many reasons and one happens to be the provied food for millons so dont get mad about it it finefor that to happen if we didnt eat them then the whould ger eaten by sonthing eles.
I used to believe, like so many people, that of all the meats available, that chicken was my healthiest choice.
With new knowledge gained, that BBQ chicken that I mentioned earlier no longer appealed to me and I will certainly never go back to eating it ever again. OK, now that I’ve told you about the health risks, lets talk about how these beautiful sentient beings (they have the ability to feel, perceive, and are conscious) are treated. Each chicken is given less than a square foot of space, so hardly any floor is actually visible. The most efficient of these facilities kill some 8,400 birds per hour, the result of a high degree of automation.

There are some facilities like that, but in reality, there is no uniform standard for the free-range designation. In vivid yet dispassionate detail Marcus describes the immense suffering of chickens, pigs, dairy cows, and veal calves on factory farms, showing how the miserable conditions in which these poor creatures live and die are the inevitable result of the industrialization of animal agriculture since the mid-20th century and the relentless pressures for ever greater efficiency and profit. We sell our eggs straight off the farm and to a farmers market and our customers are welcome to come by our farm and visit the chickens anytime. How ever i have farming friends who butcher them for me cause i don’t know anything about processing the meat afterward and plus i raise them from chicks and just could NOT kill them.
Maybe you’d like to think about why a veggie burger offends your sensibilities, but the murder and slicing up of chickens is A-OK.
Not only is it something to believe, but it is a FACT animals should never have to be treated in madness like this and should have rights, and even the same rights, as the fellow creatures (people) who live and thrive right beside them and have lived together for centuries, until we turned on them. Before going plant-based┬ávegan, I had been out to dinner a month or two before with a friend and had the tastiest BBQ chicken imaginable. In fact, now when I pass chicken items or am in line at the grocery store behind a person buying one of those boxed chickens – which are usually larger than normal sized chickens, I cringe! First of all, the chickens you are eating spend most of their lives in filthy, ammonia-laden sheds with thousands of other chickens.
A worker often holds up to four or five chickens at a time, upside down, by their legs, I’ve read. Quite the contrary—the reality of the life and death of factory-farmed chickens, both those raised for meat and those used to lay eggs, is shocking. Additionally, the wires of the cage injure the feet of the chickens, as the hens must sit in essentially one position their whole lives with their feet pressing into the wires. I’m just glad that after this kind of cruelty the chickens can die and leave their misery.
I’ve known about this for quite a while now, I mean for a long time my parents have been buying Free range chicken’s instead of Battery and I will never eat battery again!!!
The people who do this are just normal farmers and don’t use machines to butcher so its humanely ended. However, giving up eating chickens, now that I know not only why it isn’t a healthy choice, as well as how poorly chickens are treated, is no longer an option for me.
In it she writes, “Over 95 percent of the meat, dairy, and eggs we eat comes from factory farms, where the animals are pumped full of drugs to keep them alive and to speed up their development and productivity. All I can think of is how that chicken has been pumped full of antibiotics, steroids, pesticides and hormones to stay alive in the absurd conditions of the factory farm, plus how badly the poor animal was treated before ending up in that plastic container!
According to a New Yorker writer who visited a major chicken farm wrote, “I almost was knocked to the ground by the overpowering smell of feces and ammonia.
If you don’t believe me there are enough articles from renowned professors and documented footage about these facts!
As an artist and a teacher, I care deeply about healthy living, being a conscious steward of our planet, and being kind & respectful towards animals. Other health problems include the proliferation of Salmonella bacteria, which can remain on the slaughtered birds and so frequently cause threats to human health that special chicken-meat handling practices are invariably recommended by health authorities.
First, human workers strap the live chickens into leg shackles on a moving rail, from which the birds hang upside-down as they move on to baths of electrified water, which stuns them.
If you think the life of factory hens is as horrific as do I, and you’re not ready to become a vegan, there are alternatives.
Let me stress that the purpose of this post is not to convince you to start eating pork or beef instead, but to simply give you the the facts about how horrific these sentient beings are treated in factory farms, as well as the health risks involved by eating them. Farm animals are also pumped full of antiviral drugs, leading to the emergence of drug resistant strains of viruses. Greger says, “The crowded, stressful, unhygienic trench warfare conditions during World War I that led to the emergence of the 1918 virus are replicated today in nearly every industrial chicken shed and egg operation.

Learning about a vegan plant-based diet has been like discovering a new country and falling in love with it, so if I sound like I'm enamored you now know why!
Some broiler chickens who do not succumb to these problems still die of thirst, because they are physically unable to even reach the water nozzles in their sheds. In practice, the facilities may be windowless and as overcrowded as any other, and only a few chickens may ever be able to reach the door at all. They are a bit messier than other chickens cant be cooped cause of it and must be raised on pasture. Instead of millions of vulnerable hosts to evolve within back then, we now have billions of chickens intensively confined in factory farms, arguably the perfect-storm environment for the emergence and spread of hypervirulent, so-called predator-type viruses like H5N1. According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, eating chicken (and fish) is linked to colon cancer.
Well, not only are chickens sentient beings, but according to research, “Chickens are smarter than dogs, cats, and even some primates. After about two years of confinement, they are violently pulled from their cages and shipped to slaughter.
This debeaking process, like much else in factory farming, is run assembly-line fashion, without anesthesia; the chicks are placed beak-first into an apparatus that quickly cuts the tips off the beaks with a hot blade. Further, the breeds used are likely to be the standard ones used in non-free-range operations: free-range broilers are, like other broilers, bred for such high meat production that the birds are unable to move about freely even if they want to, and both broiler and laying hens are susceptible to the same life-threatening conditions of heart failure and osteoporosis as any other agribusiness chicken. I remember all of my chickens and I Take care of there graves really well (in my backyard) and visit Cleopatra all the time.
Now no one has to go vegetarian now people can go to feed stores online or any hatcheries and ask for the CORNISH ROCK CROSS BROILER CHICKENS They mature rapidly and you are helping my raising free range birds so just by raising and eating 2 birds to birds less you buy from factory farms! The 1918 virus killed about 2.5 percent of the people it infected, twenty times deadlier than the seasonal flu. Chickens also have a strong urge to nest, and, like most animal mothers, they nurture their young attentively and affectionately. In March 2007 another fast-food giant, Burger King, promised to implement new animal-welfare policies that include provisions for buying a certain percentage of its eggs from cage-free producers and some of its chickens from producers that use more-humane slaughter methods. You deserve to be treated in just the same way that you treat these chickens you absolute phsychopaths!!! Michael Greger on Factory Farming and Superbugs, a fascinating interview, (I am going to let you read that on your own)! The supermarket chains Whole Foods and Wild Oats have also moved away from using and selling eggs from caged chickens.
It is such a pity that the chickens in the factories aren’t cared for and there lives dont matter.
Veggie burgers by the way are much healthier and taste exactly like regular meat products, they also have things like veggie bacon, chicken, anything you can imagine. The voltage in the electrified bath may be too low, resulting in the rapid recovery of the chickens, who are then well aware of the throat-cutting machine as they approach it. This will cost more but is worth it paying 2$ highest for a humanly raised healthy chicken. The blade misses many chickens, so they consequently are boiled alive in the scalding bath. I hope this helps and you all choose to do this and decrease the amount of factory farmed chickens!

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