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Here are some interesting Australia Facts which were chosen and researched by kids especially for kids.
Australia is the smallest inhabited continent of the seven continents can also be considered the largest island in the world.
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Facts about Australian Animals talk about the exotic and unique animals that you can find in Australia. The indigenous people in Australia lay their life by hunting the animals.  It is included as a part of their traditional lifestyle.
The examples of vertebrate used by the indigenous Australia include fish, seals, opossums, macropods, shearwater and fish. The indigenous Australian consumes Bogong moth, witchetty grubs and molluscs for their food.

The animals that you can find in the warm waters of northern Australia include prawns, lobsters, crabs, hermit crabs, false crabs, and shrimps. The type of lobster that you can find in Australia is also different from the other lobsters.   You can find now claws on the western rock lobster.
Facts about Animal Rights present the idea that the non human animals posses the right to live. Facts about Angus Cattle talk about a breed of cattle used in various kinds of beef products. The 'aborigines' are the indigenous Australians who originally settled on the continent and are said to have migrated there from the Australasian continent over 60,000 years ago.Today aborigines live in all main centres but most of them still live in the desert areas of the Australian outback.
There are various venomous species living here such as scorpions, spiders, platypus, mollusks, stonefish, octopus, spiders, stingrays and jellyfish.  Most snakes in Australia are venomous.
Both are saltwater crocodile and the freshwater crocodile.  You can only find the freshwater ones in northern Australia.

This is due to the fact that Australia remained undiscovered for many years so was untouched. On the image above, you can see a man playing the digeridoo, a kind of wooden trumpet, which is really difficult to play.The 'outback' is the vast, dry and remote inland parts of the Australian continent. The endemic animals to Australia include 93 percent amphibians, 24 percent of insects and fish, 89 percent of reptiles and 83 percent of mammals.
Instead, Australia has an abundance of marsupial mammals, which are animals that carry their young in a pouch. They can be vicious and ferocious, with a Kangaroo giving you a good kicking if you are not careful.Dolphins are another great marine mammal that many visitors enjoy seeing here in Australia.

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