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Trade-in your Invisible Fence ® Pet Stop ® Perimeter ® Dogwatch ® Dogtek ® or Haveaheart ® System for a Superior High Tech Pet ® Electronic Dog Fence.
When you purchase an electric dog fence from High Tech Pet you not only get the most advanced pet containment technology, Unique, Innovative Features and Highest Reliability at the BEST VALUE on Earth, you get an electronic fence that you can install in less than one hour! High Tech Pet introduced the only scientifically developed and professionally engineered electronic dog containment systems into a field which, until now, has relied on some pretty crude technology.
Pulsed Proportional Stimulus™: This revolutionary technique actually lets your dog decide how much stimulus is enough. Smart Position Sensing Technology: Other electronic containment collars trigger at different distances depending upon which was your dog is facing. Small, Ultra-lightweight Collars: Traditionally electronic dog fence collars have been bulky boxes hanging off a collar. Special Ultra-wire Designed Specifically for Dog Containment: Only High Tech Pet ® electronic fences come with our custom designed field wire with a ultra-thick, ultra-strong insulation that resists ultraviolet sunlight, moisture and ground-rot.
PAWS (Pet Activated Wireless System), is an exclusive feature of High Tech Pet that allows you to operate multiple pet activated products from a single collar. Invisible Fence, Petsafe, Innotek, Dog Watch and Dogtek are registered trademarks of the respective brands and are in no way associated with the more advanced electronic dog fences manufactured by High Tech Pet Products, Inc. Anyone with a basic knowledge of radio circuits can make a dog collar emit a shock in the presence of a wire loop antenna but, to make it detect the signal at exactly the same distance every time, so that the dog knows exactly where the boundary is, has only been accomplished by one company, High Tech Pet.
Sound & shock stimulus are applied in short, pulses that automatically increase as your dog approaches the boundary providing the quickest, most humane boundary training.

Progressive Training Tones: All other electronic dog fence collars use an internal tone speaker with no opening for the sound to get out.
Rest assured, if you purchase a High Tech Pet electronic fence you are guaranteed to experience Quicker Training, Easier Installation and Set-up, More Reliable Operation with less problems down the road and most importantly, you are giving your dog the most humane system made, providing safe, secure containment that you can depend on.
High Tech Pet electronic dog fences using the RC-8 dog collar also operate our Radio Mat area restriction device that activates the collar at the touch of a paw. It's not hard to put a switch inside the collar that will let you select from a few different shock levels.
Only High Tech Pet electronic fence collars are driven by two separate radio receivers to precisely determine your dog's distance from the boundary wire.
Our RX-10 Universal Collar, included with the X-10 electronic fence system operates ALL our PAWS products including Power Pet Doors, Our sonic fences; Sound Barrier Indoor Containment, and Yard Barrier Outdoor Containment, and Radio Mat Indoor Scat Mat. But, a dog fence system that automatically and continuously increases the stimulus as the dog approaches the boundary, actually letting the dog decide how much stimulus is enough is only available from one manufacturer. No other electronic dog fence allows you to control multiple products like these allowing you to create your own custom electronic pet care system all powered by a single collar.
High Tech Pet electric dog fence collars use a more expensive, water resistant speaker which produces crisp, clear tones that are more effective in reinforcing the shock stimulus.
Our new RC-8 and RX-10 collars are the smallest, lightest, most comfortable radio dog collars made with all the advanced features and performance, excellent stimulus intensity and range resulting superior dog containment. You will not find anything like PAWS on any other brand of electronic pet containment system.

Pulsed Proportional Stimulus is completely automatic and it actually lets your dog decide how much stimulus is enough to retreat from the boundary making High Tech Pet electronic dog fences the most effective and the most HUMANE.
Our advanced microprocessor circuitry automatically increases the pulse rate of the tones as your dog approaches the boundary resulting in faster training and better reinforcement to more reliability contain your dog.
These electronic dog collar give you excellent battery life from an inexpensive and easy to install collar battery. Pulsed Proportional Stimulus is only available on High Tech Pet electronic dog fence systems. Only High Tech Pet electric dog fences give you these extra loud, extra effective progressive training tones.
We are engineering driven and do not release a product until it has proven to be the best of its kind on the market while being engineered for cost to offer the best value anywhere. Our new, improved electric dog fence systems are developed by the nation’s leading RF engineers in collaboration with noted Animal behaviorists and Trainers. High Tech Pet electronic dog fences represent a quantum advance in radio dog containment technology.
They feature PULSED PROPORTIONAL STIMULUS™, a Revolutionary new approach to dog training stimulus, ultra-Small, light-weight collars and a host of other ultra-advanced features.

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