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Big personality and eye-appealing cuteness make the tiny Yorkshire Terrier one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.
You will soon find out if you have a quick learner by how quickly your Yorkie picks up basic commands. For more information on the specifics of clicker training, check out How to Clicker Train Your Dog.
For example, you might "accidentally" kick your dog’s favorite chew toy and say “Oops" to draw attention to it. Whenever possible, you should also Yorkie-proof areas of your home to which your dog has access, which can take more planning than you’ll initially realize. For more information on the specific steps involved in crate training your Yorkie, read How to Crate Train Your Dog or Puppy.
Some commands are linked—such as “sit” and “stay”—but your dog should have a solid command of “sit” before you try linking “stay” to it.
For a puppy, this is as often as every twenty minutes when the dog hasn’t gone recently, as well as first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and after every meal. You’ll likely want to have your dog on leash as you slowly start to introduce more distractions since the chances of losing focus will be high at first.
Do not continuously repeat the command if your dog doesn’t obey since it will weaken the command. As he or she starts to react to the command to sit, you can stop rewarding each individual instance and make the reward a bit less predictable, which will prevent overfeeding while still keeping your pup working toward the reward. Initially, you may want to keep the hand not holding the treat on your Yorkie’s rump to keep the dog from standing up to follow the treat, or you can also teach your pup a “lay down” command before trying to teach the dog to roll over. You can find more information later to some other basic commands at How to Teach Your Dog Basic Commands. After training is completed, make sure that all family members use identical command words. In addition to word commands, training Yorkshire Terriers can include getting them to respond to hand signals, whistles and other cues. Teach Me Please Dog Training Dvd series cover the most essential dog training commands, let's see the details. When you master the basics of dog training commands with dog training dvds, you will overcome basic dog obedience problems easily. Very easy to follow lessons, you will discover the right and wrong way of handling the dog training commands.
You will start dog training from the Basic Obedience training which is the essential dog training for all breeds at all ages. You will see the right way of giving the dog training basic commands, how to act when your dog is not listening, the right and wrong ways of training essentials, which collar to use while training, how to use dog toys, how to say basic commands and the signals.
Only minutes a day can accomplish desired results while building bonding and lasting relationship with your dog. Dogs have been lending a helping paw to man for centuries; however, there was not a demand for “seeing eye dogs” until after World War I. In the late 1980’s, the American Kennel Club set out to create a program that could standardize the concept of what makes a “good dog.” They researched the most commonly desired behaviors for dogs and in 1989, launched the Canine Good Citizen Award. The CGC is a standardized test of 10 items that measure and reward dogs that demonstrate polite manners in the home and in the community. The “nothing in life is free” dog training technique instills a sense of respect and understanding between you and your dog. Congratulations if you are one the many families who decided to bring home a new dog over the Holidays! On Tuesday I had a wonderful opportunity to spend the day with the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation family.
The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF) was founded in 1996 by a retired schoolteacher named Wilma Melville.

As soon as he begins the standing motion, say “stand” or “up.” Once the dog is standing, reward him with the treat and praise him.
Because Yorkies are so small, you should always use a lightweight harness for the dog’s leash rather than attaching the leash to your dog’s collar.
Cut back a little on the amount you give during regular meals so that the extra calories from the treats do not make your dog overweight. While it seems intuitive to humans to punish bad behavior, negative attention is an ineffective deterrent for dogs.
While ignoring bad behavior is the most effective method for most behaviors, this won’t stop your Yorkie from exhibiting behaviors that the dog finds rewarding in themselves—such as chewing on your favorite pair of shoes.
Set clear boundaries about what the dog is allowed to do and what is forbidden and be consistent above all.
You can let your Yorkie know that he or she is about to make a mistake by making a noise in a disapproving tone, such as "Uh uh.” This is called a "negative marker" and gives your dog valuable information that he or she is making a wrong choice. If your dog stands from sit, a brief disapproving "uh uh" provides the information that standing is incorrect.
The first several instances of your dog toileting in the correct spot will be a matter of the right place at the right time. As with other training, punishment is not an effective deterrent for your Yorkie when it comes to house training.
Your dog will smell the remnants of any indoor messes and be drawn back to those spots to go again.
If you’re crate training your Yorkie, ensure that you properly use it to help with toilet training. The ultimate goal is to ensure that your Yorkie will still obey the commands even with bustling people and other dogs around.
Until your dog starts to get the hang of the “here” command, you’ll have to help him or her out by using it when the dog is already moving toward you. You can use the same training process for additional commands after your Yorkie masters these basic, important ones.
Unfortunately there is not a magic pill to overcome all the dog training problems immediately but you will learn the basics of how to manage and train your dog. There are two Dvd series first one is Teach Me Please Basic Obedience Training and Teach Me Please Field Training Dvds. Buying dog obedience training DVD will help you to review the commands you are teaching your dog again and again.
We believe every owner should train their own puppy to build a better relationship and prevent common dog problems in the future. You will also receive a free ebook full of great dog training info, dog obedience training tips and techniques. If you are still looking for your perfect pet, dogs can be a wonderful addition to any family. Think About Important Characteristics in Your Ideal Dog: Try not to focus primarily on looks. He was the product of an unplanned litter and he is definitely the most loving dog I have ever encountered.  He loves taking walks, hiking, and playing fetch.
She’s spent the past ten years walking dogs and working with shelter dogs in Philadelphia and Maine.
It strengthens your bond, allows your dog’s world to expand (so much to sniff and pee on!) and provides both of you with exercise and fresh air. But, because of unique behavioral traits, Yorkshire Terriers must be trained in at least the basic obedience commands or they will become uncontrollable pets. They can be strong willed and are often described as having the temperament of a big dog in a small dog’s body.[1] Yorkshire terriers range widely in their intelligence. In order to keep identification tags on your dog, you should also use a lightweight collar, and you should be able to insert a finger or two between the collar and your dog’s neck to ensure that it’s not too tight.

The principle behind this is that a good behavior—obeying a command, for instance—is immediately rewarded (usually with praise and a treat), which makes the dog associate the behavior with the reward.
You can also cut back on treats (while still offering lots of praise) as your dog masters a behavior or command.
Giving your dog attention in the form of a scolding is actually rewarding the dog with attention in its eyes. Punishment will only make your dog wary of you and try to find more secretive places in the house to go. Clean up any messes using an enzymatic cleaner to get rid of any lingering smell that could draw the dog back.
However, it’s not exactly easy for your pup to communicate to you that it’s time to go except by going.
As your dog starts to understand and respond to commands, be sure to vary the training spot. Have patience since the amount of time this takes depends entirely on your specific dog’s personality.
Use your clicker to mark the action (if clicker training) then give the reward.[16] After you’ve created a strong association between the two things, you can start to command "here" when your dog isn’t moving toward you. Wait until later to again try issuing the command when your dog is standing still or moving away. Gently pick up one of your dog’s front legs at the elbow and slide your hand down to around his or her wrist.
As your pup turns his or her head toward the treat, continue bringing it back around the dog’s back toward the other shoulder. Find ways to make happy coincidences of the behavior while marking it with your clicker (if clicker training) and providing plenty of praise and a treat.
You are not the only one having this type of problems with your dog, but you are the only one who can solve the problems for you and your dog. To help these veterans, a formal school and training program for guide dogs (using only German Shepherds) began in Germany. In an effort to keep your new companion happy in your home forever, here are a list of 10 things every dog owner or potential dog owner should know.
Owners seeking to train a Yorkie will find an eager pupil that grasps most of the basic commands quickly.
By training your dog to associate the click with praise and a treat, you can then mark moments of good behavior with the clicker and provide the reward. You have to offer your dog help in this arena by watching for telltale pacing, waiting by the door you use to take the dog out, whining, etc. You don’t want your Yorkie to mistakenly believe that "sit" means “sit in front of the apple tree” or to accidentally tie other commands to a specific location. Your Yorkie will naturally follow the treat with his or her head, which will cause the pup to roll.[19] As with other tricks, make sure you click if using clicker training, and then provide plenty of praise and the treat. After many repetitions, you dog will begin to understand, and you can apply your desired command to the behavior. It is very easy to solve most of your dog problems with the best seller Dog Training Dvd Series. These two problems are amongst some of the most significant reasons why owners give up their dogs.
As his or her bottom hits the ground, click the clicker (if clicker training) and provide plenty of praise and a treat. As your Yorkie begins to understand the trick, introduce a simple command like “shake” for the behavior.

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