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Irregularities in these factors cause the magnetic poles to move and even reverse relative to the surface; the geomagnetic north pole is currently located in northern Canada. The definition of a planet was introduced in 2006 by Astronomers of the International Astronomical Union. Earth is the third Planet from the Sun, and the densest and Fifth-Largest of the Nine Planets in the Solar System.
The Shape of the Earth approximates an Oblate Spheroid, a Sphere flattened along the Axis from Pole to Pole such that there is a Bulge around the Equator. This Bulge results from the Rotation of the Earth, and causes the Diameter at the Equator to be 42 km larger than the Pole-to-Pole Diameter.
For this Reason the Furthest Point on the Surface from the Earth's Center of Mass is the Chimborazo Volcano in Ecuador.
The Largest Local Deviations in the Rocky Surface of the Earth are Mount Everest (8848 m above local sea level) and the Mariana Trench (10,911 m below local sea level). Because of the Equatorial Bulge, the Surface Locations Farthest from the Center of the Earth are the Summits of Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador and Huascar×?n in Peru.
Because of the Axial Tilt of the Earth, the amount of Sunlight reaching any given Point on the Surface varies over the Course of the Year.

Earth formed approximately 4.54 Billion Years ago by Accretion from the Solar Nebula, and Life appeared on its Surface within one Billion Years. Estimates on how much longer the Planet will to be able to continue to Support Life range from 500 Million Years, to as long as 2.3 Billion Years. Earth's Atmosphere and Oceans formed by Volcanic Activity and Outgassing that included Water Vapor. Earth's Crust is divided into several Rigid Segments, or Tectonic Plates, that migrate across the Surface over periods of many Millions of Years.
The Planet's Interior remains Active, with a thick Layer of relatively Solid Mantle, a Liquid Outer Core that generates a Magnetic Field, and a Solid Iron Inner Core. Earth is a Terrestrial Planet, meaning that it is a Rocky Body, rather than a Gas Giant like Jupiter. The Interior of the Earth, like that of the other Terrestrial Planets, is divided into Layers by their Chemical or Physical (rheological) Properties, but unlike the other Terrestrial Planets, it has a distinct outer and inner core.
The Outer Layer of the Earth is a Chemically Distinct Silicate Solid Crust, which is underlain by a Highly Viscous Solid Mantle. The Mechanically rigid outer layer of the Earth, the Lithosphere, is broken into pieces called Tectonic Plates.

Earthquakes, Volcanic Activity, Mountain-building, and Oceanic Trench Formation can occur along these Plate Boundaries. The four planets closest to the sun are the inner planets, they are mainly made up of mainly of rock and are much denser than the four outer planets.
Earth's Biosphere has significantly altered the Atmosphere and other Abiotic Conditions on the Planet, enabling the proliferation of Aerobic Organisms as well as the formation of the Ozone Layer, which together with Earth's Magnetic Field blocks harmful Solar Radiation, thus permitting formerly Ocean-confined Life to move safely to Land. By 3.5 Billion Years Ago, the Earth's Magnetic field was established, which helped prevent the Atmosphere from being stripped away by the Solar Wind. Climate Models indicate that the Rise in Radiation reaching the Earth is likely to have dire Consequences, including the loss of the Planet's Oceans..
Of these Four Planets, Earth also has the Highest Density, the Highest Surface Gravity, the Strongest Magnetic Field, and Fastest Rotation, and is probably the only one with Active Plate Tectonics. The Tectonic Plates ride on top of the Asthenosphere, the Solid but Less-Viscous part of the Upper Mantle that can flow and move along with the Plates, and their motion is strongly coupled with Convection Patterns inside the Earth's Mantle.

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