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Both of these chemicals are methylxanthines, which humans can digest and excrete much more quickly than dogs. A lot of these surprise poisons are fruit, because its ancestors were not tree-dwelling sugar junkies like ours.
Cats are even more sensitive, but because they can’t taste sweet things like dogs can, they are much less likely to eat it. They still want to eat it, though, because A) food, and B) they want to do whatever you are doing.

You do not want them to suffer from any disease just because you gave them something they are not supposed to eat. The methylxanthines make dogs suffer these symptoms in an extreme way when they eat chocolate. They get nervous, tremble, throw up, have diarrhea, drink and pee a lot, and can even have seizures (because of the over-stimulation of the central nervous system-like if you drank fifteen red bulls in twenty minutes). Edward Cooper to see if you should let your dog eat that blueberry you just dropped on the floor. Death is rare, but it is usually because of of heart rhythm abnormalities, the same thing that kills people when they combine stimulants.

Nevertheless, don't let your dog eat tomatoes.)*(Most dogs understand what you mean if you point at something. The dog knows that you are thinking about an object that you are not touching and it cannot yet see, but it knows the object will be located along a straight line from the end of your outstretched finger, even if your eyes aren't looking at said object.

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