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The programme began in 1976 with only six trainers and six dogs, but has expanded to accommodate 86 trained police dogs and 56 trainers. A police officer with a dog during a training exercises to find lost person, at Dubai Police Academy.
It began in 1976 with only six trainers and six dogs, but has expanded to accommodate 86 trained police dogs and 56 trainers. With responsibilities ranging from finding people in earthquake-ravaged buildings to sniffing out drugs or hunting down explosives, the dogs are invaluable members of the force. Major Abdulsalam al Shamsi, director of the K-9 training department, said police recognised the importance of dogs on the force because they "save time, effort and money". The dogs trained by Dubai Police come from special breeders in Europe, and have had to prove themselves in a police training programme abroad before coming to the emirate.
Although the dogs receive daily exercise, they also get assessed every few months to ensure they are performing to the best of their abilities. Police dogs such as Leonie and her colleague Maggie, a nine-year-old black Labrador, are some of the oldest dogs in the department, and their experience proves useful in the training of younger recruits. During a recent mock training session at Dubai Police Academy, Koy waited anxiously for his trainer's orders before dashing forth to sniff out suitcases that may contain an illegal substance.

In less than a minute, he had identified a bag, tugged at it and barked to let his trainer know that he had completed his job.
Leonie's trainer, Aisha Ali, who also works in the K-9 training department, said she enjoyed her job. We offer intensive protection dog training programs in Dubai to ensure your dog or even a dog we provide you has all the necessary knowledge and skills to fully protect your family and also become a loyal member of the family at the same time. Our Family protection dogs are always personally trained to meet their new owners needs and requests.
Unfortunately not all dogs can complete the protection dog training to become a family protection dog.
A security dog is a specialised patrol dog trained to operate in high level threat situations. K9 Central has a sister company who run highly agile and professional K9 Training for security application in Dubai.
Currently also successfully runs a professional dog obedience training facility and kennel in Dubai, UAE.
In 2007, the UAE - including the Dubai and Abu Dhabi K-9 departments - became the first Arab country to join the International Rescue Organisation (IRO) based in Salzburg, Austria, according to Major al Shamsi.

Our dogs have been sent on missions to help locate missing people in Pakistan, Iran and Indonesia," Major al Shamsi said. His philosophy is to consider every dog as unique and no one dog can be trained the same way.
A dog is fully trained when they can be fully trusted to be well behaved and obedient in any environment and everyday situations, whether this be at a park, around other dogs or at home with new guests. On the contrary they are highly trained, super obedient dogs trained to an extremely high level and live with you as your pet. This experience and knowledge allows our team to deliver highly trained and specialist security dogs for every application in the middle east.
For obvious reasons the more aggressive dogs will have to be trained in isolation initially until they can harmonise with other dogs. Protection dogs are easy to handle and you and your family will be given training to ensure everyone is comfortable.

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