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In a study that included information from nearly 1,500 pet owners with dogs that had been seen eating feces daily or weekly at least 10 times.
About 10% of the dogs ate only their own stool, whereas 32% ate the feces of others, and nearly half of all dogs who ate feces didn’t care who it belonged to. The behavior does not reflect poor den sanitation: 82% of dogs in the survey almost never soiled their own house. Neither behavior modification techniques nor food additives seemed to be effective in changing the behavior.
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Your dog might be eating cat poop or other animal poop to get key nutrients and minerals not available in his own food.

She writes on a variety of topics including product and business reviews, personal experience, and stories that bring a smile or chuckle to your day. This can happen when dog food is low quality and includes materials that are easily passed and not absorbed by your dog. Many dog owners get very upset when their dog eats poop, which means the dog gets attention. Your dog might be more submissive than other dogs, resulting in strange poop eating behavior.
If you only feed your dog once per day, and your dog eats poop, it could be an indication they want to eat more frequently. Your dog observes you and learns from you, by putting the poop in his mouth you put poop in a bag.

This seems to occur more in households with multiple dogs where dominance and submission is a factor. There does not seem to be any effective way to stop a dog from eating their own or other pet's poop, other than immediately cleaning up any feces, keeping litter boxes spotless (as dogs do eat cat poop too). This is a behavior that no one really knows the answer too, but if you would like to read a few statistics on this behavior, read on.

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