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I chose a pug to help convey the meaning of this Stop Eating Poop remedy for dogs because pugs both mow on their own turds and suck in general. I'm an advocate of owning a dog as a pet, but I am not an advocate of owning the kind of dog that is both ugly and hack-snot-coughs in your face with its particles-of-shit-laced breath every opportunity it gets. One of the most commonsense reasons why dogs engage in coprophagy is that they are missing key nutrients from their diets. When a dog consumes its own waste more than just on occasion, it is wise to take that pet to the veterinarian so it can be determined if there is a specific nutrient deficiency, and to rule out the possibility of mores serious medical problems – such as parasites or conditions effecting the pancreas. Natural Healthy Concepts does offer certain Pet Products, including a multi-nutrient formula for dogs. Some say that dogs are looking for help processing the carbohydrates found in typical pet food, which their stomachs aren’t made to digest. Possible Solution – Dogs could benefit from probiotics and enzymes just as much as people.
If dogs really are hardwired to consume digestive waste, then your best option may be to make them dislike doing it. Whether your dog eats poop or not – it is extremely important to provide your pet with a proper diet. You wouldn’t eat low-quality, processed foods and go to fast food restaurants every day. I’ve heard that canine mothers will eat their puppy’s poop to keep the litter safe by hiding their scent.

While Rodrigo was going through his gastrointestinal issues (gas, diarrhea, anal gland issues, loud stomach gurgling) I saw him taking a second look at his poop.
There are more health reasons that lead to a dog eating poop: pancreatic insufficiency, intestinal malabsorption and gastrointestinal parasites. And then there is lack of food or fear of punishment from owners, but that isn’t what we’re experiencing with our dog.
Our vet assured us that the rabbit poop was chalk full of enzymes and great for our dogs so now I just let them dine out. Sometimes they will stop with the help of one of the many food supplements you can mix with their food, sometimes they won’t. Take the dog to your veterinarian for an examination for underlying medical and health problems, parasites and other problems that may be compelling him to eat feces. But animals like wolves still got plant nutrients from eating the herbivores that eat plants. If his nutritional needs are satisfied – hopefully his appetite for poop will be too. However, it is important to keep in mind that you can give a dog too much of a vitamin or mineral. That includes more plant-based enzymes and beneficial bacteria found in your stomach and intestines.
Experts theorize that animals engage in coprophagy in order to ingest intestinal microbes into their gastrointestinal tract.

Probiotics, digestive enzymes and eating food with live bacteria (like yogurt) is more commonplace.
Dogs seem to like stinky stuff, but they may be turned off by bitter or super-spicy flavors. I think they dislike the smell of hot sauces so why not pour some to the poop every time you see one. I’ve read that rabbit poop is a cornucopia of digestive enzymes and vitamin B, which explains why our dogs are dining on the droppings whenever they find them in our yard. Our vet said the same thing, that rabbit poop is actually not bad for your dog if they eat it. The problem is, livestock and poultry used to make dog food may not be consuming the nutrients that need to get passed on to your dog.
Some dogs are in survival mode, and they think they need to compete with other animals for available food. Dog mothers will even lick their young in order to stimulate the muscles that help puppies relieve themselves. I don’t think Rodrigo has started eating his poop, but I’ve started going outside with him with a flashlight and poo bags to pick up his poop.

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