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You don’t need to train your dog to do everything but to simply just be obedient, the rest follows. Being together still and calm with people or other dogs teaches cohesiveness and about being a small part of something big. The most important and first skill that needs to be mastered is to get your dog to go away from you. Think of it as a triad: Go Away-Stay-Come What you are doing is controlling where the dog is. If you are having problems with not getting your dog to retract away from from you when appropriate, it could because your dog is hard-headed, dominant, controlling, was taken out of the litter prematurely and never, or inadequately, learned inhibition during the early development. The dogs with Separation Anxiety are in distress or worried, but inappropriately make it your problem.
Just as your dog is born knowing only life, you must teach him that you are not the only thing in the universe that matters. It is important to calm your dogs’ mind so you and your dog(s) can hang out together without all the yelling and constant correcting bad behavior.

Don’t forget to teach your dog that being obedient and performing commands is the most wonderful thing in the world or your dog will look like Archie the Border Collie Mix on the right. We don’t want you to hire anyone else because the other dog trainers are not as good.
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Call Superdog for ADA SERVICE DOG training and for training emotional support and comfort dogs. Speaking with authority and conviction are imperative if you want dogs, or people, to respect and trust you. No matter what you cannot let the dog break the command or you must take the dog back immediately and back the dog down so it stays and does not move even if you walk away.
Dog owners that can’t get their dog to go away from them are like people with cars with no reverse gear. The problem is they ineffectively challenge their dog and have an animal that knows it can hold its ground and blow off the owner.

What that means is that there is not going to be any real obedience unless your dog stops jumping on people, whining, and not being really, really pushy and demanding. We never before saw a dog get aggressive behind the owner, aggressive dogs are always in front of the owner and the person can’t back the dog down.
Archie mostly cares about the ball.¬†Our program is dog psychology, following through, and getting dogs to want to be good. If you are going to spend money on dog training with someone else it doesn’t make sense because we have something that is a million times better that ALWAYS COSTS LESS because it actually works.

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