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At SSRAI, we understand that sometimes situations arise when our beloved family members need to be re-homed.
We must ensure that the safety of our carers, their families and their pets is top of mind at all times. Once we agree that we are able to assist you with re-homing your GSD, there are 3 very important steps that we will need to undertake.
We will then place your dog into foster care where they receive all required vet work and are housed until a suitable adoptee has been found. People who advertise their pet as Free To Good Home, or ask for a small amount of money, do so with the faith that their pet will be well looked after. Even if the person who initially takes your pet has good intentions, the simple fact is that, once a pet is no longer in your care, you have absolutely no control over who it gets passed on to, or what fate it may meet.
Below are just SOME of the fates commonly met by pets acquired through Free To Good Home adverts, or sold for a low price. Pets can often end up in an abusive home when advertised as Free To Good Home, or when checks are not thoroughly carried out on new homes.
Abusive adopters can convincingly seem good homes when they respond to Free To Good Home ads, or any ads where checks are not made on them. USED AS BAIT ANIMALS IN DOG FIGHTINGBait animals, such as dogs, cats and rabbits are thrown in with dogs that have been trained to fight by their owners, for them to practice viciously ripping apart. Dog fighters acquire bait animals by stealing family pets of any breed, picking up strays and responding to free To Good Home adverts, or adverts where pets are offered for a low price.
A lady who gave her Golden retriever away to a home she thought was a good, loving one, got a call 2 weeks later from the RSPCA. USED AS LIVE FOODRodents advertised as free to good home, such as mice, hamsters, gerbils, rats, and other small animals commonly fall in to the hands of people who give them alive to their pet snakes to eat, or other pets that eat live food, as they get sick enjoyment out of watching it happen.
SOLD TO CRUEL PUPPY MILLSIf a dog in a Free To Good Home advert is a pure breed bitch, she can be sold to a puppy mill as a breeding dog.
Their living conditions are commonly disgusting, as they are kept in filthy small cages with others, among faeces, urine which burns their skin and even the dead bodies of other dogs who have not been treated for illnesses and just left to suffer to death. Puppies born at puppy mills are sold by pet shops and other unscrupulous sellers, such as online sellers. The puppies are often sold indiscriminately, with no care put in to checking the homes or how the puppies will be treated. Already across the UK and US, around four million cats and dogs are put to death every year, simply because they are not adopted.
USED IN ANIMAL CRUSH VIDEOSAnimals advertised free to good home or for a low cost can fall in to the hands of people who produce animal crush videos.

They are burned alive, cut with pruning sheers, nailed to the floor, skinned alive, beaten, stabbed and most often, they have their limbs crushed and broken – whatever will cause them to scream with agony the most for the longest time. In the majority of these videos, the animals are crushed by scantily clad women in high heels. It’s very sad that even someone who wants to buy a puppy, can be victims of scams and greed.
If you’re looking for a Morkie, that magical blend of Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese dog, the search can be challenging. The more you’re aware of these despicable tactics, the better your chances of avoiding the free Morkie scam. The first trick these people will do is feature gorgeous-looking little dogs on their website for sale. Meanwhile your little dog has been bred and raised in the cruel conditions of a puppy mills, where animals are bred and bred for profit, with no regard to their comfort or safety. Anyone can claim their puppies have been registered, implying they are high quality healthy specimens.  Even crosses like the Morkie can be offered with designations from The American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC) and nternational Designer Canine Registry® (IDCR).
Unfortunately, The American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC) and nternational Designer Canine Registry® (IDCR) aren’t recognized by anyone in the animal world and they don’t even check the dogs they ‘certify.’  Once again, you get a very inferior animal for the price of a show dog. Instead, the scammers lure you in on price, and when the hook has been set they ask you to pay for shipping, which is suspiciously consistent at $400.  Buyers are asked to send all payments via a Western Union wire transfer or money order. You can tell this is a scam when you see the price tag — the “adoption fees” for these dogs often exceed $1,000! Always ask for references, from others who have purchased dogs from this breeder and follow up on them. If you are told that there will be no refunds for a sick puppy, you are most probably dealing with a puppy mill.
If you have a GSD that you would like to re-home, please contact us to explain your situation, we will then review the information and if we are able to help you we will. However, there are too many people posing as good, caring people wanting to take the animal in, when what they are actually interested in is cruelly exploiting animals for their own ends. Pets are also often passed on to abusive homes by the initial adopter of the pet (either not realising it is an abusive home, or not caring because they can make a profit out of it).
These people find it entertaining and amusing to watch a smaller animal being ripped apart by their dogs, who they have trained to do this. These are cruel places that are not concerned with the welfare of their animals, only their profits. It is often the case that a pet will be acquired for free from a Free To Good Home advert by someone convincingly playing the part of a good home for the pet.

They either die a painful death because of experiments killing them, or they are killed when they are finished with. They have no interest in having it as a pet and are only interested in how it can make money for them. These are dogs and cats that their owners bought as puppies and kittens, then laterabandoned, or tried to pass them on to somebody else who subsequently abandoned them. You want to avoid puppy mill dogs and unscrupulous breeds, and now there’s a whole new level of greed: the free puppy scam. Should you actually buy one, you’ll notice that your puppy looks nothing like those you saw. Look around and ask lots of questions.  If the person you’re buying from can’t answer them, seems vague and there is no sign of the Yorkie or Maltese parent around, chances are good you’re dealing with a puppy mill. These methods are favorites among scam artists because they are the equivalent of sending cash—the money can’t be recovered by the victim. Breed rescue groups charge nominal fees—usually no more than a few hundred dollars—because their goal is not to make money, but to find wonderful homes for their rescues. If they do not die from the dogs attacking them, they are coldly and cruelly discarded to suffer and die from their wounds, alone. Dog fighters often dispose of bait dogs by letting them slowly die of their injuries, or by killing them in heartless ways.
Veterinary treatment to treat them for that, and other ailments, is withheld, as it would cut in to profits.
As well as the pet being used to make money rather than being loved for itself, the breeding of it takes away homes from the millions of innocent, healthy, problem free pets of all ages that are abandoned every year, causing more of these loving animals to be put to death. That’s because the scammer has stolen pictures from the website and even books and portrayed these as the dogs he is selling.
The RSPCA had been able to contact the dogs previous owners because the microchip still held their details.
They receive virtually no human attention and when they become of no use to make money, they are either abandoned or killed inhumanely.
The people who use them this way are nearly always disreputable breeders who cause both the animals and future owners heartbreak with their irresponsible methods.

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