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Just as cats clean themselves by licking their fur, dogs may rub their heads and faces in the grass and against other surfaces in order to remove food, dirt or debris from their face, teeth or gums after eating. A little head rubbing can be fine, but if its constant, it might be a sign of pent up energy or frustration.
Some dogs may rub up against shudder-inducing substances in an attempt to establish ownership. Dogs also may rub up against things that stink as a way of notifying all the other canines in the vicinity of their impressive discovery. If your dog smells awful after rubbing up in something unpleasant, your next step is to give him a thorough bathing -- with no further ado, as you probably don't want him getting the stink all over your couch or bed.
Your dog may rub his head in the grass because he smells something appealing, or he may be using the ground as a natural scratching post.

Unlike their human companions, a dog’s version of an attractive Calvin Klein eau de toilette can range from grass and furniture to feces and even dead animals. Grass offers some friction while still feeling soft, making it an ideal choice to help scratch his head. This can lead to a painful infection that causes your dog to rub his head on the grass looking for a little relief. Though confusing to humans, dogs often actually enjoy rubbing up against odoriferous gunk, thanks to their wild canine origins. When Spot rubs his pate in the grass, check him for a few minor health problems, but don't be surprised if you find none -- he might just be rubbing on some of nature's cologne. By rolling around in smelly things -- and therefore becoming smelly, too -- dogs conceal their individual bodily scents.

Once he comes back inside of your home, any other dogs in your household will immediately be in the know. If your dog was stung on the face by a bee or wasp, he could be trying to alleviate the pain by rubbing his head in the grass.

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