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If the offender is someone who is letting their dog poop in your yard and leaving it, there are several ways I have seen people deal with this. Some places are taking the DNA of the dogs in the vicinity so they can match it with any poop they find. Each customer is treated individually based on the size of your yard, frequency of visits, and the number of dogs. But as a warning to all dog walkers who leave stuff behind, Parks put her picture on a sign in her front yard. We had just moved into our new house in 2006, when we were immediately met with an interesting challenge: our neighbor freely takes their dog poopy on our front yard.
You should explain the problem to your neighbors and ask them politely to keep their dog out of your yard. I have two little dogs and they totally are not capable of putting out the huge piles I am finding in my yard. I understand the sentiment behind the advice that people have given about just putting up with the crap or putting up fences (good fences do make good neighbors, after all), but at the end of the day, it IS the responsibility of dog owners to control their dogs, and you should NOT be required to alter your life or property to accommodate their negligence. I find people get too upset about dogs going on their yards (playing the devils advocate), if you care so much about your yard and your property, then you wouldn’t mind building a fence or having a hedge around the perimeter.

If you allow your dog to constantly \go\ in a neighbors yard, then you are disrespecting them in a major way. I never said it was ok for people to let their dog go on your lawn, and yea I agree with your whole warranted retribution spiel, but if you have some wide open yard basically inviting dogs to squat, its inevitable.
There are 3 other dogs in the building and I am certain that her mind-set is that someone else will pick it up for her, which WE always do, because no way would we leave it laying there! I sometimes thank people for having their dogs on leash when we are out hiking but perhaps I should do it more. We can work with the size of your yard and the frequency when your yard needs to be cleaned up. Yes, this avoids confrontation, but it certainly protects your yard and offers protection for your children.
No one is going to go on your yard that way, and then you can find something better to do other then trolling your windows. People see it as a personal attack, and automatically think the dog owners single your yard out and force their dogs to go in your yard just to spite you as a person, when in fact most of the time it’s just the luck of the draw. Some people think it doesn’t apply to them and they ignore it (off leash dogs are an entirely different rant!).

At first, I thought about placing the poop carefully on their front step with a note stating that “your dog crapped in my yard. Frankly, even if you pick it up it leaves some poop behind, it stinks, it attracts flies to the yard, it’s a health hazard.
It became very clear to me: dealing with dog poop in our yards from dogs that are not our own is a universal problem. Train your animal to go in your own backyard (then reward the animal with a walk and or treat) or in a place that is not directly in a neighbor’s yard. You can be pissed off at the person all you want for letting their dog poop on your yard, but it’s equally just as much your fault for letting your yard be a candidate and not having any sort of defense. Phil show – about dogs and poopy in the yard, but also about feeling victimized, anger, revenge, salvation, vindication, and what it means to be a human.

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