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Traditionally, dogs have been seen as impure, and the Islamic legal tradition has developed several injunctions that warn Muslims against most contact with dogs. Many of the animal welfare organizations in Cape Town get an [increase in the number] of dogs and cats [who are brought] in to be put to death during this time.
The real tragedy is that many of these Muslims believe that they are [performing these cruel acts] in the name of Islam and openly express such ignorant views. After a lengthy process of textual research and prayer for divine guidance, he concluded that reports against dogs were passed on through questionable chains of transmissions or contradicted by more favorable reports - for instance, one story of Muhammad praying with his dogs playing nearby. Some reports against dogs bear uncanny similarities to Arab folklore, Abou El Fadl says, leading him to suspect that someone took the tales and attributed them to the prophet. Putting aside the Islamic scientific proof that the earth is flat, or that Mecca is the center of the universe, the Islamo-centric information and cultural news portal Islam Online (of Doha, Qatar) has reported on Dec. Their wildly popular Ask the Scholar section tackles the age old question if it's permissible for Muslims to own dogs as pets. Qaradawi cites "the prominent Muslim scholar Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi." In what was described as the Sheikh's "well-known book," The Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam, the scholar of everything Islam cites an enigmatic German scientist in the person of Dr. Nevertheless, the proof of science supporting Islamic Sharia Law is paragraph after paragraph warning humans not to allow domesticated dogs to lick plates and kitchen utensils "clean" and then for the humans to use them at meals sans a run through the dishwasher.
This not only feeds the propaganda against Islam, but also gives non-Muslims, who may have been interested in Islam, a very negative view of Islam.

Sayyidina 'Umar (ra) was even concerned about the animals during his rule as Amir (or head of the Islamic empire). Khaled Abou El Fadl, professor of Islamic Law at UCLA and holder of many ijazat (teaching diplomas) from traditional Sunni scholars in the Middle East, has come to believe that the ahadith (prophetic traditions) about dogs that form the basis of legal injunctions against contact with them are fabrications. Khaled Abou El Fadl discusses a fatwa about dogs in Islam in this excerpt from the new edition of his book Conference of the Books. His home is dominated by two elements that symbolize much about Islam's ideological tensions today: dogs and books.
Abou El Fadl says he was taught that they were impure and that black dogs in particular were evil.
Dogs are permissible as watchdogs or for other utilitarian purposes but not simply for companionship. Many devout Muslims follow such rules without question, for submission to God is Islam's highest call whether the reasons for divine law are apparent or not, according to Sheik Tajuddin B. To the literalists, the prohibition against dogs as pets is clearly delineated in one of the hadiths, the traditional accounts of the life and sayings of the prophet Mohammed. What's more, he says, he found that a hadith from one of the most trustworthy sources tells how the Prophet himself had prayed in the presence of his playfully cavorting dogs. 21, 2013, that Islamic Sharia Law proves scientifically that humans should never keep dogs as pets.

Of the millions of websites on the internet, Islam Online ranks as one of the more widely read information hubs available world-wide. Unfortunately, with the exception of a handful of Islamic-centered websites also citing the mysterious Herr Doktor, there is precious little of any source of reference to a specific German scientist by the name of Dr.
It has absolutely nothing to do with Ramadaan but has everything to do with ignorance, misinformation, and misinterpretation of the deen of Islam. Having existing pets sterilized would also help to prevent unwanted litters, thereby reducing the [number] of unwanted animals. The appeal goes out to those Muslims: Please do not abuse the deen of Islam by [using] it [as] an excuse [to put] your animals to death.
Islam is [a] holistic way of life, encompassing every aspect of one's life and environment. Please note that, during the time you read this, hundreds of healthy animals will be put to death in the name of Islam.

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