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Disclaimer: All material on this site is provided for reference only and collected from public sources. If you own copyright for any material published on the site and would like it remove just contact us! Of all the exotic animals currently kept as pets worldwide, the prairie dog is one of the ultimate companions.
A large safe wheel in the cage is a good idea and a nice comfy nest area for them to sleep.

You will need to spend a considerable amount of time with your new baby for the first few weeks of their life and thereafter. Prairie dogs must be spayed or neutered prior to the age of 9 months to avoid going into sexual maturity and becoming violent. Make the bathroom off limits to your PD, you will thank me for not having to clean up an entire roll of toilet paper or saving your baby from drowning in the toilet. Before the big day, schedule an appointment for your baby be seen within 72 hours for our health warranty.

Bonding occurs during the first few weeks of ownership and can last for the life of your pup.

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