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Surprising findings about dog food for older dogs, Dog food for older dogs should not be based on the age of the animal but on his individual nutritional requirements.. Petdoor: nutritional requirements of cats and dogs, Nutrient requirements of dogs and cats, a 400-page report by an international team of experts, is the most comprehensive assessment of the daily nutrient and calorie.
The dog food project – nutrient requirements of dogs, Nutrient overview water protein fat carbohydrates fiber vitamins minerals essential fatty acids probiotics. Nutritional premium dog and cat food - arden grange, Arden grange is a nutritionally complete dry pet food range for cats and dogs.

Consequently, the energy requirement of the dog is a sum of energy requirements for maintenance, motion, growth (juvenile dogs), work (working dogs), gestation and lactation (pregnant and nursing bitch). Consequently, the best course of action is to use these values when calculating the maintenance energy requirement of the dogs. The data presented also caution, that – similarly to livestock species – the nutrient requirements of the dog should be revised from time to time in the interest of meeting the needs of the animals in an optimal manner. The energy requirement of the bitch does not grow much during the first two thirds of the gestation, and thus special attention should be paid to proper nutrition.

Since dogs are usually voracious eaters (especially when several dogs are kept together), it is useful to measure and serve the daily ration accurately in order to avoid obesity problems.

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